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Title: Donkey Kong Jr.
Author:Nintendo and Coleco
Rom Player: Virtual Colecovision
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: Back in the mid eighties, my best friend bought Donkey Kong Jr. for his Colecovision. It had three of the four screens. It had the jungle screen, the keys screen, and the moving platforms screen, but Coleco left out Mario's hideout.
In DK Jr., you are a baby gorilla who must save his father from Mario.
Your goal on the jungle and moving platforms screens is to climb to the top of the screen. Your goal on the keys screen your goal is to push six keys to the top of the screen to free Donkey Kong from his cage.
This game has a timer. If you fail to climb to the top or push all six keys to the top before the timer runs out, you die.
On Screen one (Jungle screen), you must climb vines and kill, dodge, or jump over red and blue snapjaws(Bear traps).
On the Keys screen, you must dodge or kill birds and red and blue snapjaws. On the arcade DK Jr., there were only red snapjaws on the keys screen. Why did Coleco add blue ones on this screen? Maybe they weren't paying attention.
On the moving platforms screen, you get on two moving platforms. There's a spring for Junior to jump on. Push the jump button again as you jump on the spring. This will cause Junior to do a super jump and can land him on the second platform.
After getting on the second platform, you must climb up and across a row of chains. Climb onto the platform that Mario is standing on. Jump over the birds to reach your Papa.
I've always been a DK Jr. fan. This game is good, but does have problems. One of the problems is that Donkey Kong and Mario look stupid. Another problem is that it's missing a screen (Mario's hideout).
The Colecovision's DK Jr. was decent, but thank God for the NES Donkey Kong Junior. It's much better.
Here's some good news for Colecovision and DK Jr. fans. EColeco sells Donkey Kong Jr. Super game on cartridge for the Colecovision. The Colecovision's DK Jr. Super Game is identical to the plain DK Jr., except DK Jr. Super Game includes the missing screen (Mario's hideout). If you own an ADAM computer, you can buy DK Jr. Super Game on cassette. The Cassette is superior to the cartridge.
I've also written reviews on the Atari 2600 and NES DK Jr.
I give the Colecovision DK Jr. a 5.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 5

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