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Title: Rad Gravity
Rom Player: Nester
Reviewer: Paul

Synopsis: Ah, the memories. Ya know, I played a lot of games as a kid, but this one really sticks out. Maybe it is the word "Rad" in the title... you don't see that word much in this day and age. So, without further ado, here is my Rad Gravity review (hey, that rhymed!)!

Gameplay: In this game you are a dude named Rad. Not too complex a dude, as he has no apparent backstory. Maybe if I still had my old manual... oh well. So, anyway, what you are doing in this universe is trying to combat some sort of awful evil. Forgot the bad guy's name, and I never knew why you were trying to exterminate him, but I'm sure he does a lot of insidious things like harm kittens and push old ladies down long stairwells. So, anyway, along the way you must defeat mean, bad bosses to get good, awesome items and finally get to the despicable, evil last boss. I, truthfully, never have seen the end guy. I got to the last stage, but was disillusioned by a giant hall of doors... Oh well. This game includes a whole lotta secret areas, in most of which you will find little health thingies that increase your maximum health. Also, you will find cryptic, 3-letter messages posted through out the game! I have no idea what they are for... but they are there! Interestingly, the designers didn't feel the need to put any punctuation in their text. There are no periods or commas... odd, to say the least. Perhaps in the future they just phased out punctuation. No one uses it correctly these days anyhow. All in all, pretty basic gameplay, but you will need to think at times, and you also need to have your reflexes ready.

Graphics : Well... you know... Nintendo stuff. Not gonna blow you away. I still wanna know how much hair gel Rad uses to get that little curl in his hair... guess it's that intergalactic strength stuff.

Music : Ah yes... music! There are, oh, 3 or 4 songs in this entire game. There is the intro song, the gameplay song, the boss song, and, I'm guessing, a last boss song. Yes, EVERY level has the same song... it's actually kinda catchy. I never turn it off. The boss music gets annoying, though. The intro music is just plain mad. Oh yeah, there is also some sound when you die, but it sounds more like... sound than music. And, in your ship, there are some sorta sounds, but they appear to have no rhythm, so I won't count them...

Originality : Well, maybe... I mean, I never saw too much stuff like this before these days... ah, I'm not up on my lore at all.

Best Cheats: None... That I know of anyway

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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