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Title: Go Go Ackman
Rom Player: ZSnes or SNES9X
Reviewer: MaskedMonk

Synopsis: GO GO ACKMAN
I didn't have high expectations for Go Go Ackman, mostly because the title is Go Go Ackman. But the fact is, this is the best game of its type that I've played ever. You are the demon Ackman, and you wander through the side-scrolling world killing everything that is good, decent, and in your way. I don't know anything about Japan, but if the depiction of Christianity in Go Go Ackman is any indication, Japan knows nothing about western culture either. Apparently, there are demons everywhere who kill animals, angels, and hot women, and then steal their souls for Satan. These demons are opposed by the Angel Army, which is lead by a fruity blue-haired French angel named Michaela. Slightly below Michaela is Tenshi, who is useless, just like all sub-boss characters. There is no God. I mean, he's not featured in this game. I wasn't trying to imply that Go Go Ackman is so terrible that it proves that there is no supreme being that cares about us. Anyway, once you get past the fact that the writer of the manga that this game is based on did a total of two seconds of research while drunk for this game, it's awesome.

I got instantly attached to Ackman when I realized I could make him avoid a boss fight with a hitman that Tenshi hires by showing up half an hour late, and then insult Tenshi for being lame. More games should feature insults. But the character interactions (insults) aren't the best part of this game. Ackman is just fun to control. He doesn't have a huge variety of moves, but he's well animated and jumpkicking angels is really satisfying. There are a large variety of levels, and at several points in the game you get vehicles like a jetpack, a car, and a flying platform, which helps keep it interesting.

The enemies are nothing really special, but they aren't a bunch of half-assed re-colors of the original angel sprite, either. However, the music is great. I have the pre-boss fight theme running through my head, and it's only a two-measure loop. Really, this game has no weak points, except for the near-invincibility of some bosses - the only way I could beat them was to get either the gun or the blue glowing boomerang, and then use the game freeze feature every few seconds so I could avoid losing it. But overall, you won't regret playing this game because it's really fun.

Also, I really like seeing SNES characters say "shit," and this happens at least twice during the course of the game. Any respect I lost for Japan over the plot of this game I gained back when Ackman said "Shit... I made the world safer." Go Go Ackman should be the most famous game ever merely for that.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 10

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