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Part 1 of my rant:
I don't see how Mike Carey can justify having Gambit work alongside the Marauders, after being haunted by his memories of the Morlock massacre and stabbing his former teammates in the back, other than for trying to help Rogue and maybe being a little crazy from his experience with Apocalypse. It makes even less sense why Sunfire would work alongside Mystique again, considering the whole thing about her STABBING HIS SISTER TO DEATH.

The X-Factor portions piss me off the most, as it's been my favorite X book for a while now, and I lacks the mood and charm that is normally found in the series. The development of the whole romance between Wolfsbane and Rictor will be probably discarded with her joinning X-Force. I know that this has been explored in the past, but Peter David brought depth to the idea, and a sense of hope after Decimation. I thought it would be great for the development of the characters and would be a balance to the humor of the series. The art in X-Factor is probably the worst of the 4 books in this crossover. At least Jae Lee's art during Executioners Song stood out from the rest of the books back then. In this version of X-Factor we're treated to some generic superhero art.

I know this point isn't quite complete, but I'm too tired to finish it at the moment, so I'll have to continue this rant tommorrow.
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