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I'm cutting my teeth on boxing with the current run I guess you'd call it since about last month. I saw Angulo vs. Cintron, Urango vs. Berto, and just now caught Cotto vs. Clottey; all of these were Welterweight fights, which, for the uninformed, is below middleweight and above like 4 other weight classes. Basically it's guys who are between 140 and 147 pounds.

The first two were good, albiet one-sided fights, and the way all the fighters got off with nothing worse than a pinprick above an eyelid or a shiner lulled me into a false sense of security for Cotto vs. Clottey last night, which was brutal and a great fucking fight.

All 12 rounds are up on YouTube, but if you get HBO I'd reccommend getting it from OnDemand so it's not split up and gay.


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