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Yesh, moar =D but kinda one issue, i dont wanna be a dick about this... but enthused isnt a word. though if its in the pickledictionary, ill gladly add it to mine. anyways, yea i love these things! its weird though how so how much of it is unrelated to what it does. the only ones that actually look like the art are those lil snakes, the ones that whistle, and a few fountains shaped like the pictured image (ie, the Tanks and those lil volcanoes)
en⋅thuse/ɛnˈθuz/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [en-thooz] Show IPA verb, -thused, -thus⋅ing.

Use enthused in a Sentence

–verb (used without object) be or become enthusiastic; show enthusiasm: All the neighbors enthused over the new baby.
–verb (used with object) cause to become enthusiastic.

If isnt good enough for you here is the Merriam-Websters page on it.
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Exactly. Life's too short to not be ejaculating as often as possible
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