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I thought TDog was supposed to be Tyrese from the comic. Then they killed him for the prison black guy who they then killed for the real Tyrese. They should have just had the real Tyrese show up when he was supposed to and the black prison guy get killed by Rick for trying to kill him instead of the skinny white boy and avoided all this brother swapping from the start.

Fuck Lori; she was a dumb bitch. Even though I liked her comic book death better, Im happy they offed her sooner. Im much happier seeing her bleed out on a dirty floor than dumb white trash girl killing herself.

^Is why Rick is going nuts sooner and thats fine. On the bright side, he still has his hand.

Not sure I really like the Governor turning on Merl. It seams like they are trying to set him up to turn good guy when I would much rather see Darrel have to kill him.

I really like Carl a lot better in the show though. He is turning into a pint sized bad ass.
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