Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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It's Alive! Bringing Animatronic Characters to Life on Film.
by: -RoG-


Johny #5 IS alive!

Little Shop of Horrors!
Care to feed Audrey II? Come on, lend a hand.

If these lil' plants really existed, gardening could be much cooler.

Looks like Gozer hasn't been feeding one of the hellhounds quite enough.

Here's "Goro" from Mortal Kombat along with the telemetry suit used to control him.

Never thought Harry and the Hendersons could give you nightmares? Think again.

Re examines the giant remnants of Mighty Joe Young.

Rule #1: Keep them out of the sunlight.
Rule #2: Never get them wet.
Rule #3: Never, ever, feed them after midnight.
Rule #4: Please don't stick wires up Gizmo's ass, he clearly doesn't like it.

That'll teach you to drive that gas-guzzler!

Worm head monsters from Willow!

Where's RoboCop when you need him?

A remake of the This Island Earth Brainy mutant from Looney Tunes: Back in Action,
and the Fly from Return of the Fly.


How they could make something that looks so impressive in-person
into something that was so awful in the AvP movie, I'll never know.

Whaddaya wanna live forever!? The Tanker Bug from Starship Troopers!
(great movie, but please, don't watch that pathetic excuse for a sequel)

So who pissed in your Wheaties, Lizzy?


I'd be drinking that much whiskey too if I looked like these aliens.

I swear I saw the Country Bears playing at a Chuck-E-Cheese once.

This Reindeer from The Santa Clause 2 is gonna freeze his ass off come this winter.

Otto Octavius! Extremely impressive detail in each of those arms.

Last but not least, Dino. I can't tell you how much I miss his Dino Pebbles cereal.

If this exhibit does anything, it makes you hate films that use nothing but CGI all the more. Sometimes you simply need "the real thing," and to substitute it with computer graphics seems like a cop-out that will be detrimental to how an audience regards a movie. I'm not saying CGI doesn't have it's place, when used in moderation combined with animatronics it can be fantastic. But try to imagine a movie like John Carpenter's "The Thing" with nothing but CGI instead of animatronics. It just seems like animatronics aren't used nearly as much as they should be these days and that's a sad thing. The work and craftsmanship that is put into them is what makes them far more lifelike and/or nightmarish than anything you could do on a computer. Oh well... at least they'll probably use animatronics in the next "Rocky" and "Rambo" movies - there's no way Stallone will really be playing those parts.

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By the way, thanks to Shannon for tipping me off about this event.
There's always so much entertainment crap going on here in L.A. it's easy to overlook things.

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