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Please don't feed PickleMan
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I-Mockery's Big 2005 San Diego Comic-Con Photo Album!
by: -RoG-


My pals from the Behemoth & Newgrounds were showing a demo of their new game even though it had plenty o' bugs. In fact, it doesn't even have a name yet. Wish more companies would be brave enough to show their works so early in development at a convention like that. The game is a blast btw. If you loved classics the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, this next game from the Behemoth is the one for you. 

Even Alien Hominid enjoyed playing the new game. Man was he pissed
when I tried to take the controller away from him so I could play for a bit!

Bruce Campbell is one funny son of a bitch on and off the screen. Seeing him
ridicule half of the people in the crowd that asked him stupid questions was priceless.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

All you had to do was keep your eyes peeled and you could find celebrities wandering around the Comic-Con floor without people even noticing them. That right there is Brian Posehn, who you've probably seen on shows like Mr. Show or Just Shoot Me. He has a damned funny stand-up act too, so if he's ever in your town, be sure to check him out.

Toxie did a fine job wandering around to promote the awesome indie films of Troma. Well, he almost did a fine job. He probably would've done better if he held his sign right-side up. But hey, the guy is a mutant superhero... he can't be bothered with little details like that.

"Wrestling Superstar" Virgil was there to sign autographs for 20 bux a pop. No sale.
At least he was cool enough to let me take a photo for free, though I suspect that
The Million Dollar Man is gonna be pissed at Virgil when he finds out about it.


I really liked these mini horror icon figures, especially the Michael Myers bust that was
coming out of a pumpkin. Definitely one of the cooler Halloween statues I've seen...

You could take a photo with Ash. Sure he's not quite life-size, but
do you really want to question a man who's holding a boom stick?

The Blizzard Entertainment booth was constantly flooded with fanboys checking out the "Starcraft: Ghost" game, but still no word on a real sequel to the original Starcraft.

The Adult Swim booth may have been nothing but a pile of cheap cardboard boxes, but when you have women who were apparently dipped in Tang just to promote your stuff,
I guess you really don't need anything more than cardboard boxes at your booth.

Lou Scheimer, the creator of He-Man was there to sign autographs. Of course, some people are saying he's not the "true" creator of He-Man because of the recent ToyFare magazine article... so I guess it's up to the fans to decide who's the true creator. Anyway, his daughter (who did some He-Man character voices back in the day) was there too. Really a friendly group o' people... and they do indeed still have the power.

Fans of Halo were treated to a nice sucker punch.
I would say more, but I don't know shit about Halo. In fact, I'm so bad
at the game that my only strategy is to run up to somebody and drop
all of my grenades at my feet, thus killing us both. Kamikaze!

As much as I loved playing all the new games, none of them were as fun for me as the upcoming Jaws Unleashed title which allows you to play as the shark! I'm a huge fan of sharks as it is, and this game was extremely violent with lots of blood and bone crunching sounds. I'll definitely be picking this one up the day it hits the store shelves.

This girl was supposed to be a character from Mortal Kombat. Being a fan of those games, I felt it was my duty to sick that alien on her for such a crime.


During one evening, I was fortunate enough to attend an after-party with the spiffy people from Young American Comics. It was a great time and a nice way to unwind after another long day at the Comic-Con. Don't ask me what the hell happened to that cake or why somebody was drowning in the salsa. Some things are just better left unsaid. Anyway, be sure to check 'em out and support their great indie comics!


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