Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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I-Mockery's Big 2005 San Diego Comic-Con Photo Album!
by: -RoG-


In a total rip-off of the Blue Man Group, the blue SBC people were
promoting their company by giving out free blue beer can huggies. The Jedi
Jack In The Box mascots, however, looked pretty badass and should've
had major roles in the recent Star Wars films.

The Willy Wonka costume was pretty dead-on.
The Marge Simpson costume, however, was downright frightening.

This group of fairies lost their youngest one to sheer exhaustion. Guess that's what happens when you force a kid to stand in line for a Masquerade party for a few hours.

Aren't they missing one Ghostbuster? Ah well, good costumes at least.

Pixies, superheroes, and Pocky... oh my!

And then it came time to see some o' the best of the best costumes...

Incredibly ornate costumes eh? The Predator guy actual went as far to put in a tri-laser scope just like the Predator in the real movie. As impressive as that was, check this:

Easily my favorite costumes of the convention. These guys not only had costumes that could impress the members of GWAR, they also acted their parts... grunting all the way.

Now here is an exclusive area that only members of the press were allowed into. It was only for the best costumes of the whole convention and random people weren't allowed in it. Or so they would have you think. Soon after discovering that random people weren't allowed up on stage, I decided I had to put it to the test. I put on my pickle hat and goggles and pulled off something amazing... I totally bullshitted the head security guy, telling him I was told by the Masquerade judges to get up on the stage. He looked at me with my pickle hat 'n goggles on and said, "Ok, you're up next..." BWAHAHAHA!

And so there I stood, before hordes of San Diego press photographers and film crews... yelling about how "PickleMan has arrived!" like a madman. Then I started to go into a full split and the press people ate that shit up. They started cheering and telling me, "keep going! keep going!" as I went lower and lower. Then when I made it into a full leg split, they were all clapping and taking a bunch o' pics. Gave 'em a good laugh to when I pretended to be stuck in the split while I screamed, "PickleMan is stuuuuuuuuuck!"

Nothing like infiltrating the press with some amusing shenanigans. If any of you happen to have any footage from this please drop me an email so I can check it out. The above pics were the only two ones we were able to get of me since they only really allow members of the press in that area.

One booth one selling a variety of puppet-themed horror movies.
I really wanted that voodoo puppet, but it wasn't for sale... damnit.

As incredible as these custom metal sculptures were, they simply couldn't compete with the live silicon sculpture directly across from them. It was pretty sad to see young kids not even looking at those badass metal sculptures simply because silicon bimbo woman was there signing nude photos of herself. If there's one thing you Comic-Con will teach you it's that art loses to porn. Knowing is half the battle...

I think Toxie heard about me making fun of him holding the Troma sign upside-down
because he wasn't quite as happy when I went to visit him on the last day...

YES! I've been holding off on buying "Evil Dead 2" on DVD for a long time in hopes that they'd do something like they did with the first movie Book of the Dead DVD set. Well the wait will soon be over, because they're releasing an Evil Dead 2 Book of the Dead DVD set on September 27th this year. I'm sure this is like the 50th version of the DVD they've released, but this is the one that I've been waiting for. Sure it's part-novelty, but it's totally worth it in my book (no pun intended). Here's to hoping they do a Book of the Dead for "Army of Darkness" too.

More He-Man goodies... they're gonna be releasing some more large statues, all of which look pretty damned nice but look! One of them is none other than an old favorite of mine: STINKOR! He's not fully assembled here as you can see, they apparently lost some of his parts on the way to the convention. Poor Stinkor. Get this though; I talked to one of the actual sculptors and he said that this new Stinkor will be scented. That's right, he'll stink just as bad as the original!

The Scooby Doo Mystery Van provided more photo opportunities for the kids.
But who cares about Scooby Doo when you can play the new Mortal Kombat game?
Shaolin Kings is a nice change to the Mortal Kombat series, allowing you to move all over the screen instead of just horizontally. Some pretty cool death traps in it too, and of course, plenty of funtastic blood and fatalities to quench your violent thirsts.

And so it was time to leave San Diego and go back home. This was my first time attending the Comic-Con and I definitely plan on going to more in the future... maybe I'll even get a booth next time. I really did have a blast though and it was great having random people walking up to me asking about the site and handing out tons of freebies. Big thanks to everybody who came up to say hi to me at the convention! San Diego has to be the nicest, cleanest city I've ever been too, and it only made coming back to Virginia all the more painful. See you next year San Diego, see you next year...


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