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I-Mockery's Big 2006 San Diego Comic-Con Photo Album!
by: -RoG-


Moments like these are what the Comic-Con is all about.

A fine costume, but he just didn't have that classic Bruce Campbell chin. Nobody does.

It was amazing how much taller his costume made him seem.

Ah yes, the... uh... goat-horned jester?

Ok, Lara Croft could at least do better than this guy.

The health food at the Comic-Con was tasty and affordable as ever.
I think this particular meal only set us back about five grand.

The Duct-Tape knight was ready for battle!

Though I didn't ask her to, this Corpse Bride girl was
really trying hard to show me her cleavage.

Shortly after, the three of us engaged in Mortal Kombat. Who won?
Well, I'm still here writing on this web site aren't I? You do the math.

Hey guys! I've got a great idea! Let's drive all the way to the San Diego Comic-Con
just so we can sit on the exhibit floor and play our Nintendo DS systems!

One hell of a good Evil Lyn costume! Color me impressed.

Not a bad elf girl either.

If only I had my light-up Flaming Carrot costume with me at
the time, I could've shown this guy how it's really done!

And that's what you get for trying to replace Christopher Reeve.

Classic Rayguns by the compliments of the Weta workshop.

Sit your ass where one Shatner ass has gone before.

Nichelle Nichols, or "Uhura" from Star Trek, was signing autographs for her fans.
Her hair was awesome.

I really liked McFarlane's new 3D movie posters.
(though for Friday the 13th and Jaws, shouldn't they have used
part 3 of each movie since they were actually filmed in 3D?)

Thankfully, V had no Vendetta against me.

Lego had one hell of an impressive Batman display.

That's a hell of a lot o' Legos!

This angry Lego robot wasn't too shabby either.

The molten lava Lego crack he was standing on actually glowed too!

Another great costume: this Metal Gear guy is on high alert!

Damnit, I miss Ghostbusters candy.

Eating a Jellyfish would still probably taste better than most of the food at the 'con.


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