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I-Mockery's Big 2006 San Diego Comic-Con Photo Album!
by: -RoG-



Funko really screwed over Boo Berry this year. They had all sorts of new
Frankenberry and Count Chocula wobblers (driving cars no less!) but no Boo Berry.
I damn near ripped his big wobbly pink head right off.

This was the only Boo Berry item I was able to find anywhere at the convention.
There was a white (presumably glow-in-the-dark) version behind him, but both
figures were just prototypes and weren't for sale. Bah!

And what Comic-Con would be complete without hordes of bikini-clad faeries.

And yes, while there's all sorts of movie, toy, and video game entertainment at the
San Diego Comic-Con, there's still plenty of actual comic books for you to check out.

Holy shitcakes! One of the biggest surprises of the Comic-Con for me
was seeing remakes of the classic 80's MadBalls! I used to own every
single one of these things and the new ones are even more detailed
and awesome than the originals. My only gripe is that they didn't have
my old favorite, Oculus Orbus, on display, but these were just some of the
prototypes. You can view close-ups of these new Madballs here, here, and here.

One of the few times you'll ever see Speed Racer parked.

He was celebrating his recent street fighter victory over a small child.

The guy on the left always manages to scare lots of people.

I think he liked me because we have the same goggles. Down boy.

I played a little gag on my Newgrounds pals based on
something that recently happened at their office.

Tom took some snapshots of the burglar who finally returned Newgrounds' PS2 system.
I'm sure he'll be posting those pics a bit later.

Public Service Announcement:
Don't screw with anybody who wears a horse head as a hat. (or any head)

The abominable snowman is livin' large.

The power of Cthulhu compels you!

The greatest superhero from New Jersey is still moping up the floors of crime!

Another fantastic Tremors display, though this one probably won't appear in stores.

Atrophus clearly doesn't like it when people stare at him.


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