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Please don't feed PickleMan
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I-Mockery's Big 2007 San Diego Comic-Con Photo Album!
by: Roger Barr

Man oh man, the past week has been quite a blur. Then again, with everything that takes place at the San Diego Comic-Con each year, it's hard for it to be anything but a blur. This year I was able to make it to the 2007 convention for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At this point, I think my camera truly hates me for forcing it to take countless snapshots of toys, games and geeks galore. I may be back from vacation, but now it's my camera's turn. As always, I hope that these pics prove to be the next best thing to actually attending the convention. Last year I shared over 170 photos from the Comic-Con with you, this year I've almost doubled that amount for your viewing pleasure. But before we move on to the pics... it's time for the usual disclaimer:

The Comic-Con is absolutely massive and no words or photos can truly do it justice... you simply have to go and experience it all for yourself. The following pages are my best attempt at capturing many of the sights that there were to see at the convention for those of you who were unable to attend. I hope they're as fun for you guys to look at as they were for me to see in person! Keep in mind, these pics are in no particular order... I'm just unloading 'em all on you along with a few comments about each one. With that being said, on with the photos!

If there's one good way to start off the Comic-Con, it's gotta be finding
a guy sitting on the floor, biting the head off of a Spider-Man ice pop.

By the year 2010, the free bags handed out at the Comic-Con
will be large enough for you to carry around Orca with you.

Don't let the chain mail fool you...
underneath that cloak, he's completely naked from the waist down.

Batman always did like fighting crime...
I just never knew that involved fashion crimes.


The convention hall was crowded as ever, and it wasn't even Saturday yet.

Two turtle doves and a partridge in a nipple tree.

This robot demands your respect and devotion.

Da' bomb.

The horse head warrior will gut you like a pig.

He's already got a bomb, is the wooden board all that necessary?

What's worse? Paying to get into a convention where random people sing karaoke to tunes like James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" on Singstar Pop or going to a funeral?

If Pinhead and an Isz had an offspring, this would be it.

This is how we all look after 3-4 days of overexposure to the San Diego Comic-Con

Steam Crow Press had a great booth with gears a turnin' and lights a glowin'.

Aren't all raves naked and fat?
Actually, I'm sure they'd call it naked and "phat", but same difference, right?

The Silver Surfer was surfing high above some toy racks.

If you won't buy my toys... you will die, young Jedi.

He's not everybody's favorite Tron Guy, but it's still a fine outfit complete with disc.

Yes indeed, the furries were roaming the convention, wagging their tails with glee.


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