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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

10 Choices, and 2 of them are probably worth playing! Best Sellers... well except for Yo Noid. :(
The PlayChoice-10!

Why produce tons of arcade machines that can only play one game, when you can crank out a single one that plays 10? That was the logic behind Nintendo's extremely successful PlayChoice-10 arcade machines. For those of us that wanted to show of our honed NES skills in public, the PlayChoice-10 was a dream come true. For example, on many of the PlayChoice-10 machines you could play one of the three Super Mario Bros. games. Any decent Mario player could probably last for ages on a single quarter. Sure as hell beats cranking out $1.50 for some of the shitty 3D games you get to play for a measly two minutes in the arcade these days, eh?

Of course there were a few games that I'll never understand why they were put on the system. "Yo Noid!", for example, is not on my list of "Top NES games ever produced", yet it still somehow made it onto some of the PlayChoice-10 arcade systems.

Check this one out though...

Put this on your table and make dinner more exciting!
Tabletop PlayChoice-10!

Though I never got to test out the tabletop version of the PlayChoice-10, I'm sure the insanely small joysticks would result in me wasting more money due to far too many unnecessary deaths. Still, I wouldn't mind having one of these on my kitchen table. It'd sure as hell make dinnertime far more exciting. Not that I don't enjoy eating Pasta Roni every day or anything...

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