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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Resistance is Futile
The Konami LaserScope!

When it came to Zapper games, there weren't many options for controllers. Either you used the original NES Zapper or you used one of the sucky, generic rip-offs. Konami, however, did put a unique spin on playing the zapper games with their LaserScope. Long before the Borg came along, there were kids on earth who bared the LaserScope upon their heads. It had built-in headphones so you could listen to the game music, a targeting scope, and a microphone that you would shout into when you wanted to fire. What you did with your free hands while playing the games, well... that's your own damned business. In fact, I really prefer you keep those disgusting stories to yourself.

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