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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Yo DDR Fans, EAT ME!
The Power Pad!

Now here's one of the few Nintendo inventions that parents were really happy to buy for their kids. What better way to have the little bastards get some exercise than by disguising it as a game? It came with "World Class Track Meet" in which you would compete in various track and field events by stomping quickly on the pad with your feet (or your hands if you felt like cheating). Dance Dance Revolution fans eat your heart out... this was the one that started it all, and you didn't have to listen to shitty music while you used it!

Sadly, like many other gimmick controllers, there weren't many games that supported the Power Pad, and it quickly faded into oblivion. Still, if you're ever in the mood to play an easier game of "Twister", you can always break out your old Power Pad.

But was it really FUN?

On a related note, Bandai released their own version of the Power Pad back in 1986 as a promotional tie-in for the extremely rare "Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events" game. Good luck finding a copy of that one for less than a couple hundred bux.

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