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The 2006 West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival!
by: -RoG-

When I moved out to California, one thing came to my mind real fast: I wonder if they know how to celebrate Halloween out here? After all, California isn't exactly the kind of place I associate with Halloween. It's always been more of an East Coast thing in my head - what with the weather getting colder, all the leaves changing colors and places like Salem, MA that really know how to do Halloween right. Well, I spent my October 31st with a last minute decision to attend the 2006 West Hollywood Costume Carnival and it was easily one of the most entertaining Halloweens I've ever had.

For those of you who don't know about it; roughly 400,000+ people descend on Santa Monica Boulevard every Halloween for what's probably the largest costume party on the West Coast. The street is completely shut down from 6pm - 2am so that everybody can walk around in costume for the biggest people-watching event of the year. And yes, West Hollywood has its fair share of gay guys who already wear "costumes" on a daily basis, so you can imagine just how crazy their Halloween ones were. Seriously; no matter how good you think you are at making Halloween costumes, you just can't outdo the gay guys.

Anywho, while we walked around in costume, I managed to snap a bunch of photos from the event that I figured you'd like to see. They're not all totally safe for work, so consider yourselves warned. Enjoy the costume photographs!

Right around 6pm, crowds arrived and walked under the giant spider.

The stage where many costumes went on display that night. Yours truly sang
the "Believe it or Not" theme song from the Greatest American Hero on there.

Any guy who takes the time to make a light-up Tron suit is AOK in my book.
(and no, it wasn't the infamous "Tron guy" from the internet)

A bunny, a guy in a Batman suit that must've cost a fortune, and probably the only girl in a Catwoman suit (out of 50 or so) I saw that night who could actually pull it off.

Re creeped the hell out of so many people with her "ghost" costume that night.
You couldn't even see her eyes (without the flash) which made it extra eerie.

I'm sure you've all seen this guy before, but it was a real surprise just
randomly bumping into him in the middle of the whole Halloween carnival.

Miss Chiquita and her bananas were getting attacked by
someone who I can only dub as "ass woman".

The Incredible Hulk wasn't looking too angry tonight.

Some photos you just can't write a caption for.
Others, you just try to erase from your memory... even though you know you can't.

Considering how there were 2372 Jack Sparrows, it was nice to see a different costume from the movie. Plus, it looked 50 times better than all the Sparrows put together.

The Pillsbury Doughboy almost walked right over me. Why? because he had no real eye holes, I shit you not. Now THAT is dedication to your costume. Walking around, completely blind with only your two guides to point you in the right direction!

If I was really a hero, she'd still be alive instead of a ghost. :(

There's still plenty more Halloween photos to see!

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