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Well it's time for another amusing page of highlights from all the hatemail/praisemail I get from people out there. The letters will be displayed in YELLOW with my responses to them in WHITE. Enjoy!

(email) littlearthquake@webtv.com
(Comments) actually i think you are a narrow minded asshole who has no
consideration for the feelings of other people. you use stereotypes to judge
people you don't even know. basically you have alot to learn in life and
hopefully one day you will be able to reach my mentality if you are lucky.have a
nice day asshole. feel free to write back with your comments.

No consideration for the feelings of others? Why of course I do! All the words I speak are with love and care, can't you tell? I'm only attacking the people who fall into these stereotypes that I think are ridiculous. Those that don't fall into these stereotypes shouldn't have any problem whatsoever with the page. As for "reaching your mentality"... god I hope not. I'd have to get a lot dumber real quick.

(email) Jimmy jimmyg666@aol.com
(Comments) Never bring twinkies to a straight edge show. I made that mistake
once and paid dearly for it. Not only did they beat me with pointy sticks, but
they stomped on the poor helpless twinkies.

What!? That's it, they've gone too far when they're taking out their anger on twinkies!!!!!!! I will NOT stand for this kind of blind prejudice any longer!

(email) Kiera DeSkinGirl@aol.com
(Comments) <clutching my side> oh!! the horror!!! I laughed, i cried, i almost
pissed myself!!! Sarcasm, thy name is Winky!!! Your page will now be linked to
the official unofficial Delaware SkinGirl Crew Page. Drop by sometime, we'll
have coffee and meat!!! We like your kind!!!

Thanks for the comments and the link. I might join you for some meat, but I hate coffee actually. Hey, just be thankful that I'm not mocking coffee on these pages! (yet. muahahahahahahahahahhaah)

(email) dustin sharrow lfolliott@lonet.ca
(Comments) i think it's great that someone with an actual mind of his own has taken on this bunch...have you ever noticed how many people make so many spelling errors when they're pissed off?
i don't claim to be straight-edge (but i don't drink or do drugs or any of
that), and i'm certainly not vegan. i like this site because the readers (especially sXe & veganazis are forced to step back and look at what a bunch of crap the whole thing is. it's all about the trends...

Yeah I've noticed the spelling errors, the overuse of stuff like "fuck you!" "you're an asshole!" etc etc... and yes, it is all about trends. Too many people feel a need to fit in with a group that will protect them. I only wish more people would live their life as they really want to instead of trying to impress others.

(email) "VegaN PoweR" ecox24xvegpow@hotmail.com
comments: A warning to you who transgress the natural order. Infringing on the 
rights of others to satisfy your desire. No longer shall your crimes against the people, animals and the environment of this planet go unpunished. Judgement day is at hand. Either you change your evil ways or die in your man made hell. The vegan revolution is here and only the righteous shall live on.AND YOU DIE
YOU will suffer as you made others suffer!

A warning to you who transgress the smart order. Infringing on the rights of others to satisfy your preachy self-righteous needs. No longer shall your crimes against the intelligent people, plants and good hygiene go unpunished. Judgement day is at hand. Either you take a shower and eat some meat or die in hellish starvation. The anti-vegan revolution is here and only the meatatarians shall live on. AND YOU DIE. YOU will be sent to hell and forced to listen to others that are as preachy and full of empty causes just like you are.

(email) Annie frantic29@juno.com
(Comments) I must say, this page made me laugh till I cried, but in a good way! 
Really funny stuff you have going here. The hate mail you get is quite amusing,
I guess people can't take a bit of humor when they see it! I don't drink, don't
smoke, dont do drugs and thats just because I don't like it and I know what it
can do...I do eat meat, however, and a person I know who will remain nameless
makes it his priority to try to convert me and my friends to vegans by showing
us pictures of cute animals and telling us how horrible and evil we are for
eating meat. Oh well! They do what they want, I do what I want. If he saw
this page I think he'd cry. Maybe I'll email him the address?? Well I'll go
now, funny page I did laugh my ass off.

Yeah, I love the people out there who try to show you pictures of all the animals so you won't eat meat. I personally believe that by cooking these animals we're making them MORE beautiful! Think about it, what looks prettier: a cow or a big juicy hamburger with everything on it? I say the hamburger! KEEP THE ANIMALS BEAUTIFUL! COOK THEM!

(email) chris alloy1916@aol.com
(Comments) Your page is so fucking funny, and true, I peed in my sXe poser

Sounds like someone needs to invest in adult diapers!

(email) Ruth Ann RUTHIEPOOH@aol.com
(Comments)The site is nice. Winky if you ever want to come over for dinner..I have a room in the back full of Tender Young Vegan Vittles. Vegan Soup, Vegan Gumbo, Veganal Dente, Vegan au Gratin, Vegan Stew, Vegan Chowder, Vegan al la King, Vegan Sticks, Vegan Filet, Vegan Broil, Vegan Dumplings, Vegan Pot Pie, Vegan Alfredo, Vegan Ravioli, Vegan-on-a-Stick, Vegan Baked Breasts, Vegan Primavera, Vegan Salad, Vegan Links...and the list goes on and on Buh-Bye

Damn! You must be a world class chef! I think I'm gonna go for some of the vegan chowder! MMMMMMMM BEEFY!

(email) swampdonkey28@hotmail.com
(Comments) Classy! the thing I can't believe is that you've clearly stated that
this page is a joke, yet people STILL don't understand? hehehe. Keep it up.

Yep, some people just don't take time to read the details and/or see what they want to see. I'm glad you're not one of them. Thanks for seeing this page as it is intended to be seen.

(email) Shelly Beauchamp shellies@udel.edu
(Comments) It's hard to be nailed to the X when one hand is holding a
crackpipe...I have three, and only 5 hands.

5 hands? I think you've had a little TOO MUCH crack there pal. Try eating some meat and I'm sure you'll feel better.

(email) Time xXxVaMpIrExXx@webtv.net

Ah the intelligence of a ranting scenester shines through yet again. The best thing about emails like this is I don't really even have to say anything to mock them, the email speaks for itself doesn't it?

(email) Mikey...THE Mikey lo-rez@gurlmail.com
(Comments) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH....FUCK YOU!..no just kidding..This was a great page..fantastic..I like to use full stops...Stand tall..Stand proud! YOU ARE A CYNIC!

Thanks for the comments and yes, cynicism is a good thing to express if you ask me. Quite possibly the most underestimated form of humor out there.

(email) Kristen Carpenter tortillachick@webtv.net
(Comments) your a fucktard you know nothing about sxe people! people that are sxe are confident about themselves and have a high level of self esteem i
think because they care about their bodies and at least they dont go out
and poison themselves with drugs and shit. you should check into more
things about sxe because you have no business criticizing people who you
dont even know.

Boy, coming from a person who uses words like "fucktard", I can tell I'm dealing with one of the greater minds of this century.

(email) matthew S_Goodness@hotmail.com
(Comments) I play hardcore.I do not drink or smoke or do drugs. I am vegan. I agree with you fully. this is the funniest site i have ever been to and you fucking rule. all the close minded losers out there who rant and whine should kill themselves. There is too much of this bullshit tough guy macho sexist ethic about the "scene" it is just fucked. Thanks for being funny and real and cool. mad mad props

Thanks for being so open-minded man, as I've said before, if more of these people would see these pages the way that you do, then there wouldn't be a problem. Sadly, people take it (and themselves) far too seriously and end up looking like complete asses.

(email) jessie msnthrope8@aol.com
(Comments) do you want to get married?...i think i love you.

Heheh, I'm already "off the market" as they say, but thanks anyway. Glad you like the pages. I'll make one suggestion for you though, don't try dating people over the internet. That's gotta be the stupidest thing on earth. Go outside and meet someone in person if you want a real relationship. Computer dating is just sad...

(email) Gretchen verityiv@hotmail.com
(Comments) So you're not sxe...so you don't like people who ARE sxe...you don't
have to tell them to commit suicide!

True, I don't have to tell them to commit suicide. But what fun would that be?

(email) Sue Shears soozi@ozdocs.net.au
(Comments) you sound like some kind of upper class white male FASCiST to me
I really pitty your lame views about veganism sounds like you are the kind of jock i have come to HATE ....got your expensive computer, got your hard arse football team, proud to murder non-human animals ..fuck 
i wish i could lead your life. Can you see where i am coming from???
I completely agree on your oppinions about violent sXe fucks using the scene as an excuse to fuck others over but veganism is a good cause so dont degrade it, and try listening to some DROPDEAD or SWALLOWING SHIT 

Yeah, when I'm not on here mocking scenes, "me and the boys" like to go to football games and then go "rootin" in the mud. Then after that, I like to go to bars and get so drunk that I can't even pronounce my own name and then have sex with a stranger that I don't even know. Boy, you got me there. I'm such a jock. You obviously know just what kind of person I am. Hahahahahahahaha... idiot.

(email) Scott Baggett scottxedgex@hotmail.com
(Comments) Hey, just wanted to tell you your site is funny as hell. Yeah, I am straight edge, but I have to admit you're dead-on about some of that stuff, and the pics made me laugh out loud. You fucker, that almost got me in trouble here at work! Later Scott

Hahahaha, I will be a very proud man the day I get someone to laugh so hard that they get fired from their job. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

(email) Schmittens Schmittens@aol.com
(Comments) O' ye shallow-minded spouter of lame, mindless rhetoric,
DaVinci and Plutarch would "eat you for dinner" by way of argument. You have
no argument. I was amused by your asinine, childish drivel. You must not
have a girl friend, because you sure have a lot of time on your hands to put
dim-witted tripe on the net. Do I smell a LOSER here?
Look, when my book hits the streets this year, you'll be reading about it.
Perhaps you'll learn something about yourself and your environs. God I hopeso.
I was looking for new recipes and your site popped up under Veganism. The
word "meat head" came to mind. Then "beef wit." If you don't have any truths
to share with us, spare us the bullshit. Because that's what it is. If you
ever hope to attract a woman like me in your lifetime, you can't do it with
opinions like those. Even if you were a looker. Looks are important, but
like the movie we all just saw, virtue and honesty rule over those. You
obviously need to acquaint yourself with them with the Shelley principle. In
the American Nile, we are just, kind and true. But kick ass if we have to.
Asses like yours. Brad Pitt is a vegetarian. Go pick a fight with him.

Yeah, I really want to get rid of my current "gal" so I can date such a wonderful full-of-themself person like you. Brad Pitt is a vegetarian? Ok, your point? Is it me, or are most of the scenester girls I get email from some of the most obnoxious sounding people on earth? I'm sure plenty of you girls hate having idiots like "Schmittens" here represent you, so please send me some more email. Who the HELL would want to live with a person that thinks so much of herself? Man, I can't think of a worse torture than that...

Well folks, that does it for now. Stay tuned for more updates to the Winky pages cuz there's a lot more to come! Keep posting on the message board, we all love a good argument! And finally, drop me an email if you want to talk with me, I'm always here to listen to what you have to say (even if it is completely idiotic).