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Scenes Suck. There's no way around it. Everybody is fake as hell. "I'm straight edge man!", "Punk's not dead!", "Go Vegetarian!", "A Firestorm To Purify"... the list goes on and on. What's truly sad is that so many scenesters out there derive their entire education and belief system from crap like this. The purpose of the following music mockery pages was originally an experiment to see how seriously people took themselves. Now it's blown up into an infamous thing that many scenesters on the web talk about. Some talk about it with words of praise, while others speak of how they wish they knew who "Winky" really was so they could find him and beat the hell out of him. Either way, it's been an amusing ride so far, and now that I've moved these pages off of geoshitties and onto the oh-so-keen I-Mockery.com network, it's only going to get better.

To put it bluntly, I don't care if these pages piss you off. I love making people laugh, no doubt about that, but I also don't mind getting on the nerves of the many idiots out there who take themselves FAR too seriously. I actually pity the people who take the contents of these pages so seriously. I mean really folks, LOOK AT IT. How can you let yourselves get angry at this stuff!? It's people like you that set a bad example for the rest of your... hrm, what's a good word to use... "brethren".

So what is my problem with many of the scenesters out there? Hmmm, let's go down the list. We've got: Elitism. Group Mentalities. Self-Righteousness. A Complete Lack Of A Sense Of Humor. Those With A Need To Label Themselves. etc. etc... To the people out there that don't fit into these categories, I have no problem with you and I'm sure you'll get quite a kick out of these pages. I even have friends that are into these various things. And guess what? WE GET ALONG FINE! So you need to keep this in consideration when perusing the contents of these pages. If you are all so "open-minded" then you should have no problem seeing the humor that MANY people have already discovered within these pages.

For those of you who do fall into any of the above things, perhaps these pages will enlighten you. Maybe, just maybe, you'll open your eyes for once and realize just how ridiculous you come off as. Of course, there will be plenty of you who will insist on remaining in your fraternity... er... I mean, "scene". You'll send me your hate mails and threats and tell me how wrong I am. And that's just fine, I always enjoy a good laugh as do the viewers of this page! To any of you who wish to discuss things with me, feel free to join in the discussion on my message board. Or you can always email me at dogmuled@i-mockery.com

An important note from "Winky" to all the fans:

This was one of the first sites I ever created and it was a blast receiving all of the great emails (both the complimentary and the hateful ones). This site will soon be 10 years old... pretty crazy how fast time goes by eh? Anyway, while this site will no longer be updated, I just wanted to thank all of you who continue to come and visit it and send in your compliments. It was a wild ride while it lasted, but I've moved onto other things - in particular, my large humor site at http://www.i-mockery.com , so be sure to check it out!

Keep on laughing at life,     

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I love you guys!
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Well no more blabbering, it's time to get onto what got this page so much attention in the first place: The Scene Bashing! Onto the first page of hate!