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"Duh, what's that?" Here we see the primitive minds of Earth Crisis discover a light bulb. Notice the awe in their faces, they can't believe it. And you know that they are getting very angry by seeing this. You want to know what they said about it? Fine, here's what they said:

"Electricity?!? Bullshit! I bet the government is using some kind of animal to produce that light! Wait! I've got it! They are using fireflies! That's the only explanation for this source of light! There is no way that man can create light, so of course, he takes the light from our friend the firefly. FIRESTORM!!!!!"

Boy....and people look up to these guys as role models? Notice the black splotches on these pictures? Well, at first you might think it was just a bad scan of a picture. WRONG. This picture is an X-ray of the cancer spreading through their bodies. That's right, they've been eating so much pesticide-infested veggies, that they've developed quite a bit of cancer and it's spreading like a beast!

Here we have the band Fahrenheit 451 (wow, somebody actually still reads Ray Bradbury, I'm impressed!). Anyway, why is this man pointing upward? That's an easy question to answer! They are playing in such a cruddy building the roof is about to collapse onto them! Watch Dateline NBC for more info on how hundreds of these losers were crushed as the ceiling crashed down upon them!

Somebody didn't teach this lad about electricity. See what happens when you put your tongue on an electrically powered mic? That's right! BAD THINGS HAPPEN! Stupid punks....

Hey Earth Crisis guy... look, just because you can't sing doesn't mean you have to stick the mic in the face of everybody in the crowd. For crissakes, what were you thinking there anyway!? The mic is halfway up that guy's nose! People sing through their mouths, not their nostrils, pal. Maybe if you didn't spend your time acting like an idiot 24/7 you'd know that.

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