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Apr 20th, 2012 02:44 AM
10,000 Volt Ghost Drunk fingers :/
Apr 20th, 2012 02:35 AM
Zomboid It took me a few reads of that sentence to get it.
Apr 20th, 2012 02:02 AM
10,000 Volt Ghost As long as your register a 100 gamerscore point of killing yourself people will get it.
Apr 14th, 2012 03:44 PM
mew barios lightcycle mode
Apr 14th, 2012 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
add a heart attack meter, like in excite bike.
I actually have been planning to implement something like that. Instead of a speedometer, it shows the rate of your pedaling in a yellow/green/red zone, where red zone means it's pushing your heart rate above regular exercise levels. Doing that could activate a "nitro" or something a few times a race, and when not available would just warn you to slow down because you're not going any faster.
Apr 13th, 2012 08:39 PM
Tadao add a heart attack meter, like in excite bike.
Apr 13th, 2012 03:00 PM
Mad Melvin If the point is to race against other players, I would add some alternate routes, like an uphill shortcut. To gain advantage in the race, you'll have to peddle harder in the said shortcut, it being uphill and all. That would pretty much ruin the game for fat people, but who knows, maybe they'll just try harder next time.
Apr 13th, 2012 01:42 PM
Chojin The target market is gyms/schools/arcades so there is no home version in the works atm. This is mostly because I think costs will be high enough that it prohibits home purchases but I might prove myself wrong because it's actually been pretty cheap to develop thus far. Right now my idea is to have a 1-5 minute 'warmup' period where you pedal around on your own while the game puts you in a queue for the next multiplayer match. The game would then fill out empty racers with bots.

The target demographic would be gym-goers so not really the same as gamers. I'm thinking age 20-40 men and women. The game is going to dynamically adjust the difficulty based on how "fit" it judges the player to be (though heart rate, weight, and pedal speed). The goal here is to make it as accessible as possible without making it non-interactive.
Apr 13th, 2012 12:28 AM
Esuohlim Is there a single-player aspect? Maybe a campaign mode with unlockables based on total mileage? And maybe your player's stats level up RPG-style based on mileage.

Single-player mode is extremely important. If your game is targeted for fat gamers then chances are good that said fat gamers have no friends.
Apr 12th, 2012 11:39 PM
Zomboid For the record, I would definitely play this game. When I was a fat teenager and lost 50 lbs over summer, a huge part of my exercising was the bike, but it was boring as hell sitting there for a couple of hours, so I'd just watch movies on my laptop. This would be much better than that.
Apr 12th, 2012 10:43 PM
Zhukov I think a speedometer might also be a good idea.
Apr 12th, 2012 09:33 PM
Grislygus Not really. I only did it once, since was just a crappily rendered pile of shit and bought a real bike anyway. It was more like a simulator than a game... I rode this beachside track with a metric fuckton of AI Riders that rode at different speeds, and I could place in rankings. I can't remember if there were other "trails" or not, I think there were. It was around late 2009 or so... I remember it looking REALLY similar to this
Apr 12th, 2012 08:28 PM
Chojin The idea is for the game to let you race against people who are next to you, but also race against players in other gyms and arcades, similar to mario kart's online matchmaking.

I've been looking for a while and only the only similar programs I found were things like the Tour De France bike and some arcade drag racer, but none of the games let you steer and aside from the arcade game didn't even have virtual opponents, let alone real ones.

Do you remember what the game in your gym was called?
Apr 12th, 2012 04:45 PM
Grislygus My old gym installed a similar program once. Ride on a trail, race AI, place in rankings. As gay as it was, it still LOOKED fun as hell. It wasn't, it was dull and annoying. Honestly, yours looks better as it is right now (just for ramps alone), if it lets you race against other players.

Still, the biggest problem I had with the program I used was that there wasn't any sense of speed whatsoever. The whole time I was thinking THIS IS FUCKING RETARDED, WHY AM I NOT ON A REAL BIKE. So I went out and bought a bike later, then never used the machines again.

I think you're on the right track by making it an actual game instead of some lazy simulator bullshit, but you're still competing with actually going out for a real bike ride with real speed and real wind in your face. I'd definitely think about a track editor, but mainly I'd focus on giving the player a satisfying sense of acceleration, letting him/her adjust the level of A.I opponents, and (if possible) linking multiple machines Hydro-Thunder style
Apr 12th, 2012 12:50 PM
Zhukov When you beat someone in a race you should have your character collect their scalp, and the game calls them fat losers incapable of success.

Is that Kaneda's bike?
Apr 12th, 2012 12:35 PM
Chojin The fitness aspect is that the player sits on an exercise bike to play it. They pedal the bike and steer to control the bike in the game.
Apr 12th, 2012 12:26 PM
10,000 Volt Ghost and when you get enough strawberries you instantly turn thinner or more muscular like in altered beast.
Apr 12th, 2012 10:48 AM
kahljorn i got the impression that it wasa simple xbox game with no kinnect or running pads and the "exercise" isall some shit occurring inside of the game. but youre prolly right thats prolly what those boxes in the lower right corner are

actually its not so much an impression as an assumption

Apr 12th, 2012 10:47 AM
Dimnos I think it supposed to be a regular racing game. The fitness part comes in with something like the kinect or maybe as simple as one of those pads you stand on. You running in place is what moves your character. Or at least thats the impression I got.
Apr 12th, 2012 10:44 AM
kahljorn i dont get it so in the game you're trying to lose weight or this has some kin dof real life weightloss implications

cause the first ones really gay unless you make characters start off really fat on their bikes and everyone else goes faster than them also if thats the case you should throw in a few jump ropeminigames where the fat person can only do like one or two before they get too tired to jump anymore.
basically it'd be likea tomigachi but with a fat dude/chick
Apr 12th, 2012 01:46 AM
Originally Posted by Fathom Zero View Post
Road Rash mode would be an amazing triumph in fitness gaming.

Apr 11th, 2012 11:29 PM
Fathom Zero Road Rash mode would be an amazing triumph in fitness gaming.
Apr 11th, 2012 11:14 PM
darkvare i don't see why attacking someone violently is not an exercise
Apr 11th, 2012 10:52 PM
Zomboid Yes. Get rid of the fitness aspect and add combat, so you can attack other cyclists with chains and clubs and such. Also, change the bicycles to motorcycles. VROOM VROOM!
Apr 11th, 2012 10:52 PM
darkvare is this a kinect game? right now the only thing i can say about it is that customization i always welcome maybe a track editor or maybe editing bikes
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