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The Center Square
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Old Jul 31st, 2006, 04:16 PM        Know anything about vertigo?
For two Sunday nights in a row, I've had bouts of it. The room spins, I get nauseous, my hearing tunnels, and I sweat and go pale. The episodes carry on for a long time; I'm still dizzy from last night's.

The only common denonimator is that I had Burger King shortly before both episodes. Could be an allergic reaction, or it could be an inner ear condition reacting with all the sodium. Either way, I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow at 3.

I feel like Lucille 2 from Arrested Development. :/

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was never good
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Old Jul 31st, 2006, 04:42 PM       
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was never good
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Join Date: Apr 1999
Old Jul 31st, 2006, 04:44 PM       
VERTIGO, Goddess of Insanity
a.k.a. "The Mesmerizing Sorceress," "I am Woman, Hear Me Hiss"
Based on: king cobra, Sellosaurus (mistakenly named "Efraasia")
Height: 18 feet
Length: 48 feet
Weight: 1.3 tons
Rage Factor: +120.37%
Consumption Rate: 597 lbs. per day
Domain: the Tomb, a grassy knoll with Stonehenge-style rock structures.
Images of Vertigo's petrified enemies are visible in the leftmost stones.
A full moon is in the sky.

The only female PR critter, Vertigo has a body shaped somewhat like that
of a Sellosaurus (a young Sellosaurus was once mistakenly called
"Efraasia", hence the word in GamePro's articles & PR Strategy Guide).
Like Sellosaurus, she is a lightly built with legs longer than her
forearms, and has a long neck & tail. Unlike Sellosaurus, she has only two
fingers on her front hands (Sellosaurus had five) and the head & hood of a
king cobra. Her hood is outlined with small spikes, and has white markings
on its back resembling a long-toothed skull. Her original name was
"Cobrasaur," but that was too obvious. ^_^ She spits venom and hisses
instead of crying out.
Vertigo can't jump much higher than Armadon; she's only a little
faster than him on the ground, and *painfully* slow in the air unless she
uses a long jump or hop jump. Vertigo is the weakest PR character in terms
of damage per attack, but her attacks possesses the longest reach, and
that combined with her Come Slither special move lets her do combos up to
14 hits on any opponent, in or out of the corner. She can cast spells,
too; her teleports and unblockable "Voodoo Spell" help make up for her
lack of a regular throw or leaping attack. Unlike the rest of the PR gang,
she cannot kick with her hind legs. Her lack of any basic or special
anti-air move outside of some jumping attacks is a significant liability.
Vertigo bears no relation whatsoever to that loopy count from "Batman
Adventures," or that mutantess from the X-Men cartoon...
[from action figure Primal Profile]: "Total insanity governs Vertigo's
every action. With her mesmerizing powers of mind control and mastery of
the unknown, she has attained mythical proportions among her followers.
Vertigo's followers are loyal and their devotion is complete, fanatical
and blind. She believes the defeat of all other dino-beasts can only be
accomplished by utilizing her sorcery and the power of her devout
followers... if she doesn't destroy their minds first."
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Old Jul 31st, 2006, 04:47 PM       
Talent, vigor, drive...
You'll eat peanut butter the rest of your life.
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kahljorn kahljorn is offline
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Old Jul 31st, 2006, 05:11 PM       
try eatting icecream or drinking water when that happens ;( maybe try some aloe vera in small doses(stuff like that usually relieves dizziness).

I can't think of anything else that would work(i don't even know if those would work, I'm just guessing) because i don't really know alot about vertigo. Sounds like it could be a circulation problem, possibly. Do you ever exercise? Try doing some stretches, and do some where you get blood flow to the brain(if there's blockages in your head's circulation having blood rush in and out of your brain and other parts of the body will help break the bloackages :yoga).
The only time I've ever had vertigo was when i was on alot of drugs ;O

If it ends up being a sodium problem let me know I know some things to help flush out sodium. Maybe try eatting beans and bitter things while drinking alot of water if it's really a sodium problem. I can look through referance for some herbs if you want.
what type of bodymass do you have? are you on the heavy side? If so there's an increased chance that it's a sodium problem.
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executioneer executioneer is offline
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Old Jul 31st, 2006, 05:29 PM       
it's probably just variant creutzfeldt-jakob disease :!
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Old Jul 31st, 2006, 06:00 PM       
I'm sorry, but I don't find U2 entertaining :/
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DeadKennedys DeadKennedys is offline
No sir, I don't like it
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Old Aug 1st, 2006, 12:42 AM        Re: Know anything about vertigo?
Originally Posted by Brandon
I feel like Lucille 2 from Arrested Development. :/
You mean our vertigo
I was debating going to an erotic fair held at a nightclub in town just for the sake of being awkward, which is exactly what happened.

-Sethomas, Cunning Linguist
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James James is offline
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Old Aug 3rd, 2006, 01:16 PM       

On Sunday, my mom called for me that she needed help. She was nauseous, dizzy, hot, and shaking. After that, we got her some motion sickness pills which seemed to help. She was mostly exhausted after that, and feeling a bit out of sorts.

Then today, it happened again. Not as serious, but now she's sleeping after she took another pill. My dad's supposed to see if he can get an appointment at the doctor.

She thinks it's Vertigo. She said she had a severe problem with it 15-20 years ago, when I'd be too young to remember. And now it may have just started up again. But my grandmother also has problems with dizzy spells and nausea. She went through 10 months of it which almost destroyed her hearing in one ear, but she's doing better. The dizzy spells are only gone for good once the hearing is completely lost.

I called out of work today, for the time being. We're gonna see how things are going. But she's scared and upset, worried she's going to have the same thing happen to her that happened to her mother. And even if that's not it, she's scared about how dizzy she's getting, and how she can't even sit up without feeling like she's going to fall over.

And that's how my birthday's going so far.
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was never good
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Old Aug 3rd, 2006, 03:34 PM       
Happy birthday!
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