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Dead & Buried!

Dead & Buried is one of those horror films that was overlooked for a long time and I never understood why. It had plenty of great death scenes, a fun plot, a town full of zombies, and some recognizable faces including a young Robert Englund before he became for his role as Freddy in the Elm Street films. Fortunately, the movie was finally given a proper "Limited Edition" uncut DVD release recently, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Hi Freddie!

Meet George LeMoyne. Also known as Freddie the photographer (played by Christopher Allport). You might recognize him as "Sam" from both of the Jack Frost killer snowman movies. Well he's having just a dandy ol' time on the beach of Potter's Bluff, taking photos of seashells and other things that have washed ashore when all of a sudden...

Like what you see? Yeah, well you won't soon...

Hubba hubba... some blonde who's far from camera shy introduces herself to him. Rather than go by their real names, he calls her Lisa and she calls him Freddie. Guess it's their own weird little game of foreplay or something. So he starts taking photos of her and she eventually asks him for some sex on the beach... and I'm not talking about the drink. Too bad for him, a bunch of townsfolk appear from behind him and start beating the hell out of him.

Come on, gas is expensive these days! Don't waste it!

They string him up to a post with some fishing nets, douse him with gasoline and set him ablaze. They also take photos of him while he's burning alive. Crazy thing about these folks, they really seem to enjoy taking photos of their victims as they're dying. Welcome to Potter's Bluff.


Problem is, they didn't kill poor ol' Freddie the photographer. They thought they did, sure, but when the Sheriff finds Freddie in his car, he gets quite a startle. Freddie starts screaming his ass off the moment they touch his face.

hey! that's not a real nurse!

Later on at the local hospital, Sheriff Dan asks the doctor if he can talk to Freddie yet. The doctor explains that's gonna be kinda hard since Freddie's entire face is horribly damaged. Even his lips were burned off completely. While the Sheriff and the doctor talk some more outside of Freddie's room, a nurse walks in. Oh but it's not a nurse.


Freddie begins to shake uncontrollably. And why? Because that nurse is none other than that girl Lisa from the beach. You know, the one who set him up for a hellish day of beatings and burnings? Yeah, real sweet girl. Well, Lisa is glad to see that Freddie is recovering. So happy in fact that she decides to give him a shot to help speed up his recovery.

eyes wide shut

EUUUUUGH! Something tells me that Lisa needs a little more training as a nurse. But hey, if she can't hack it in the medical field, she obviously makes one hell of a killer. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the Dead & Buried on DVD. It's a real treat that no horror fan should deprive themselves of.

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a horrible night indeed! :o