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From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn is your typical cheesy vampire movie, but this one is directed by Robert Rodriguez so it's perhaps a little more fun than some of the others out there. One of the things that really stands out for me in the movie (aside from the obvious Salma Hayek dance) is the ridiculous "cock gun" that one of the characters (named Sex Machine, no less - played by the goremaster himself, Tom Savini) brandishes menacingly and later uses in the film.

Call me crazy, but my dick is about the last place I would want to attach a weapon of any kind. I imagine the recoil on that thing probably feels like a mule kicked you in the nuts. In any event, Sex Machine doesn't seem concerned about it overly much, because he's prepared to feel that mule kick at the drop of at hat, as much as he whips that gun out. It's clearly not the absolute last resort it should be.

When we first see ol' Sex Machine, he's sitting at a table in the Titty Twister strip club thirstily eyeing the drink of someone sitting across from him. He takes a little whip, snaps it over and grabs the other guy's drink, and then begins to enjoy the refreshing beverage himself. Well, that concept isn't too popular with "James Hetfield", so he pulls out a switchblade and sticks it out in front of his face in a threatening manner. Sex Machine responds by glancing down at his crotch, at which point his Cock Gun (complete with two cylinders which simulate balls) springs erect as if to say "Hello!", causing Mr. Hetfield to back down. At this point we realize that we just might be seeing more of this wacky character later!

You really don't want to get BANGED by this cock

The next time we see the Cock Gun is after the vampires who operate the bar have revealed themselves, and the bartender (played by the ubiquitous Danny Trejo) is lunging towards Sex Machine for the kill.

He's a MexiCAN

Sex Machine seems worried for a moment, as if he's forgotten all about his Cock Gun, but a moment later, he looks down at his crotch and it pops up and fires a shot at the vampire, blasting him across the room (something a lot of guys seem to wish their real dick could do, only with a girl instead of Danny Trejo).


What I want to know is, how does he control the damn thing? He just looks down at it and it pops up and shoots. The first time he does it his hands are clearly occupied (one holding the whip and the other holding the drink), so it's not like there's some finger trigger. Maybe he actually has to use his dick to activate the gun? In that case, I'll bet he does Kegel exercises every day.

Though his Cock Gun does try its best to defend him, eventually Sex Machine is bitten by the vampires and becomes one himself, and he is later killed by George Clooney. With a whip. Just to add insult to injury. George however does not enjoy an ice cold beverage out of Sex Machine's head after pulling it off his body; he simply kicks it across the floor.

Don't lose your head over it!

There are naturally plenty of other cheesy moments in this movie, but nothing sticks out in my mind as being quite so ridiculous as the Cock Gun. As far as inventions go, the Cock Gun should certainly hold a place of high honor in the Gallery of Bad Ideas.

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a horrible night indeed! :o