Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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This is easily one of the most famous (and notorious) scenes in all of horror movie history! Director, David Cronenberg ("The Fly", "Dead Ringers", "Crash", "Dead Zone", the creepy killer in "Night Breed", etc.) definitely put himself on the moviemaking map with this killer sci-fi horror film in 1981. This scene in particular is even referenced in movies many years later, like Wayne's World and a few others that escape my memory at the moment. But for those poor bastards that haven't seen this movie, here's a little rundown on what happens.

In this strange world (well it's Canada... same difference), there are telepathic people in the world known as "scanners", but they are social misfits due to their incapacity to control their abilities, hence making them go schizophrenic. But a miracle drug has been found to control their telepathic powers, thus making them useful for sly government sneakery. So all of these events leads us up to this scene of jolly good ol' fun.

The scene starts with a showcase showing to the press and important government officials how effectively the drug works with by using a docile scanner to show off his abilities. So he calls on a participant from the crowd to show an example of his powers. Little does he know that he unwittingly called up an assassin scanner, Michael Ironside, to make his life miserable!


Check out Michael Ironside's face in this scene, it looks like he's enjoying this a little TOO much! That or maybe he has a little too much fiber in his diet...

We secretly switched his Tylenol with Advil... let's see what happens!

It doesn't look like his weaker scanner friend isn't having too much fun right now. Gee, I wonder why that could be? Hmmmm...

Guess we shoulda let him stick with the Tylenol. :(

Ok, I've had some really bad migraines in the past, but this one definitely takes the cake! But this is pretty much the "Citizen Kane" of head exploding scenes for me!

Fun Fact about this scene for all you kids that want to do this at home: this scene was done by a latex head stuffed to the brim with rabbit livers and dog food. How did they make it explode? Easy…they blasted it in the back of the head with a 12 gauge shotgun! Fun!

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a horrible night indeed! :o