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The Beyond (aka: Seven Doors of Death)

Pretty much any time you watch a Fulci movie, you are definitely guaranteed a few things off the bat. Slow pacing, horrible dubbed voices, almost zero amount of a storyline, and easily some of the coolest unflinching gore scenes youíll ever see! The Beyond (also known as "Seven Doors of Death") is one of Fulciís ďzombie periodĒ films from the early eighties. I could go into great details on the storyline, but honestly when you watch a Fulci film, all you really want to see is the carnage! Essentially this film is standard Fulci fare; someone unleashes the evils of hell onto New Orleans, so zombies and spiders run rampant with colorful resultsóuntil some brave soul faces the demons and saves mankind. <Yawn>... Isnít that just nice? Now bring on the GORE!

Well... this one unlucky family just happened to have good olí pop ravaged by some zombies and now they have to go identify the body in the morgue. However, while the kid waits outside, mom gets the hell scared out of her by some zombies and spiders in the morgue and passes out.

Then, just as the kid walks into the room after hearing all the commotion of evil, she sees some of those evil giant spiders knock over a big ol` vat of acid that just happened to be placed on the edge of a shelf without a lid. Yep, that's exactly how I would safely store a jug o' acid... wouldn't you?

Of course, itís at this point that Fulci does his trademark of the overdramatic "close-up of the eyes" shot. Showing this twisted Pippi Longstocking-looking kidís disgusted face up waaaay too close! I think I could see her pores! Is that close enough for you, Fulci?

What she is seeing is her passed out momís face getting completely eaten away by the acid that is spilling into it! While this animation is great looking, it happens very fast. The real scene of her face melting away takes FOREVER to watch all of the decay take place. Itís long, but extremely cool...

Ugh, I donít know whatís better looking at rotting zombies and women with their faces being slowly melted away by acid or having to stare at Pippi some more! Either way, thanks for the nightmares Fulci!

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a horrible night indeed! :o