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Ah Tremors. I don't know what it is about it exactly, but it's a damned entertaining movie. It's one of those flicks that if it comes on television, you just can't help but sit down and watch the whole thing... even if you've seen it 30 times before. But who cares, it's just as fun every time.

So Valentine McKee and Earl Bass are two handy guys that take care of all the little odd jobs in the town of Perfection, Nevada. Jobs such as putting up barb wire fences, dumping the trash, and and emptying people's septic systems. Yep, they be living the good life by their own rules on a day-to-day basis.

Well they were living the good life until things started getting bad in their town. Turns out a bunch of underground monsters known as "Graboids" have decided to make the town of perfection far less than perfect. They've been sneaking up on livestock and even people, grabbing them from underneath and pulling them into the ground for a nice snack.

After more people die, they figure out how to stop the Graboids. One gets killed by running itself into a concrete wall, one gets shot to death (compliments of Michael "Family Ties" Gross and yes... country star, Reba McEntire), and another gets a blown to bits by a mouthful of dynamite. While these deaths are all very entertaining, the final death is by far the most splattertastic of them all.

There's one Graboid left and it's chasing down Valentine as he runs towards the edge of a cliff. Just before it reaches him, he jumps out of the way as it goes flying right on past him. It then bursts through the wall of the cliff and goes soaring through the air and...

Well, it's a long way down for that last Graboid...

A really long way down. But when it does reach ground level, it's one heck of a grand finale. Big kudos to the make-up wizards behind the original Graboids, they really are one of the all-time best horror movie monsters you'll ever see. I can't comment on the sequels since I haven't seen them yet, but from what I hear they just can't compare to the first. Considering they were direct-to-video, I guess that's not very surprising.

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a horrible night indeed! :o