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In the movie Wishmaster, the titular creature feeds off the power of wishes, and with all the subtlety of Senator Palpatine, he tries to persuade or trick people into wishing for something in his presence, at which point he twists the wish around and finds some horrible way to kill or screw over that person by giving them exactly what they wanted, just not how they wanted it. He's the kind of asshole who when you wish for a million dollars, ends up killing your mother so you get the money from her life insurance policy.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, at some point during the movie he gets tired of playing by his own rules, instead opting to adopt a "looser interpretation" of what exactly constitutes a wish. At one point a kid in the morgue stumbles across him peeling the face off some guy, and the Wishmaster asks him if that is not something he wishes to see. The guy just kind of stammers, says "Uh-huh" and vaguely nods, which the Wishmaster decides is close enough to a wish to mystically sew the guys eyes shut.

See no evil!

Eventually the Wishmaster just throws the rules completely out the window to the point that if you say something like "Boy, it sure is warm in here!" he may well just decide you've just wished to be set on fire.

At one point the Wishmaster (wearing his new human skin that he peeled off the guy in the morgue) is trying to get into a building, and the security guard (played by Kane "Voorhees" Hodder) is telling him he can't come in. The Wishmaster tells the guard to ask him for something, and the guard tells him he wants him to leave. This forces the Wishmaster to start walking away, and he's grumbling under his breath about how he must get inside the building. The guard responds by saying that he'd have to go through HIM first, and that is something he would LOVE to see, thus making the Wishmaster grin evilly.

Crest White Strips really worked for him and they can work for you too!

Because in Wishmaster-speak, that translates to "Boy, I've always wanted to be a plate-glass window!" And the next thing the guard knows, he's being sucked into the window behind him, actually becoming part of the glass!

glass ass

At this point we see a close-up of the guard's unmoving face, screaming through the glass. Doesn't he kind of look like Kevin Smith in this shot? I can't help but imagine a glassy-faced Silent Bob every time I see this.

Kevin, is that you?

Since the guard can't move or do anything except scream—because he's a piece of glass now you see, although the important lesson to learn from this is that glass CAN in fact scream if it is alive—the Wishmaster finds it very easy to just magically pass through the window.

We can all walk through glass, try it!

After the Wishmaster is through and walking away, the guard-of-glass suddenly shatters.

If you knew anything about physics, you'd know that this scene was 100% accurate

Because apparently when someone goes through a window, there's actually a five-second delay before it shatters or breaks in any way. See for yourself: try this trick in real life by throwing your friend through a plate-glass window! If it works, they'll be far too amazed to be angry. And if it doesn't, you'll have plenty of time to make a break for it as they slowly bleed out all over the floor.

By the way, if you haven't seen Wishmaster for yourself yet, it's totally worth checking out just to hear the hilarious way the Wishmaster talks, on top of all the crazy and stupid death scenes. He's got one of the best trying-so-hard-to-be-creepy-but-failing voices you'll ever hear, and his bizarre accent only adds to how insanely silly it is.

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Born in 1948 in Los Angles, Character actor Michael Berryman is described by all who know him as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. But that's not what you want to know. The only thing you're interested in is called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. It's a hereditary condition, and it messes with the development of hair, nails, sweat glands and teeth, and it's what makes Berryman look like a demonic hard-boiled egg.

Berryman was managing a Plant store in Venice, CA, when he was discovered by legendary Special Effects Super genius George Pal. He debuted in 1975's "Doc Savage: Man of Bronze". He followed up by playing one of the loonies in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest" but it was his brilliant performance as the cannibalistic Hillbilly, Pluto, in Wes Craven's '77 "The Hills Have Eyes" that made him a household face.

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