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Please don't feed PickleMan
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December 5th, 2000

A Reflection Of I-Mockery.com's First Full Year In Operation:

It's been a great year here on I-Mockery... our best ever! Actually, our only year ever. December 5th 2000 marks I-Mockery.com's first full year in operation. So we thought we'd take this chance to thank you the viewers for such a great year. Help yourselves to a slice of that delicious looking cake, ok?

We also decided to review many of the accomplishments that we've made during the course of the past year. You probably wouldn't know it by looking at some of our stuff, but we've actually been really busy! So sit back and let us show you some of our finest moments in the past year!

Ahh... I remember it like it was just yesterday.
Yep, we Nuked France.

Glam Rock and Religious fanatics around the world received a huge
shock when we convinced "The Pope" to join the band "Poison"
and do a live webcast of them performing in concert on I-Mockery!

We exposed the truth about how
Carnivorous Slugs will soon take over this planet.

We completely misunderstood an auction on eBay for a "Six Million Dollar Man" doll.
We thought they meant that we actually had to bid "Six Million Dollars".
So uh, yeah, now we gotta sell A LOT of our merchandise.

We noticed that, when turned sideways, the state of Florida kinda looks like a penis.
And that fact is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than these ridiculous elections.

We remembered that "The Humpty Dance Is Your Chance To Do The Hump!"

We desecrated a masterpiece just to blatantly promote our web site.

We found out that if you do a search for anything on the web, even "dental floss",
there's a good chance a porn site will come up in your search for some stupid reason.

And finally, we handed out a severe beating to every single person
that we saw riding one of those goddamned "Razor Scooters".

Now all of the above things are great 'n all, but the most important thing is we hope that we've given all of you a lot of laughs this past year. We've really enjoyed hearing from all of you who've written in with comments, suggestions (and yes, even hate mail). In the next year we plan on continuing our efforts to continue while continuously continuing our effortless continuation of effort. So stick with us and enjoy the ride! Afterall, it's a much cheaper form of entertainment when compared to your crack cocaine addiction.


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