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Select Your Destiny: I-MOCKERY STYLE!

As a kid, I always hated reading books. I'm not sure why... maybe it's because when you're a kid it's hard to think of a book competing with the entertainment that your He-Man Castle Grayskull playset could provide. But in my case, I honestly think my lack of reading enjoyment was partially because my parents made me read as a form of punishment. Whenever I was bad, they made me read crap like, "The Hardy Boys"... awful stories that my father used to read when he was a kid. During those days, I wanted to do nothing more than cook some food over an open "Hardy Boys" book fire.

Luckily, a guy named "Edward Packard" was smart enough to come up with a way to get kids interested in reading again. He created "Choose Your Own Adventure" books! I'm not sure how many of the books there were, but I know I had at least books 1-20. My favorites included "You Are A Shark", "The Green Slime", and "The Cave Of Time". What made these books so unique was that every few pages or so, you would have to make a decision. Your decision would determine what the character in the book would do next. If you chose wisely, the story would continue. If you chose poorly, a plethora of grim fates awaited you. And the last thing you wanted to do was die and have to start reading it all over, so it really made you pay attention while you were reading.

Now I'm willing to bet that every kid my age that used to read these books tried to pull a fast one on the teacher and do a book report on one of these babies. Sometimes the stories would only be 10 pages long, and teachers weren't aware of this at first. Eventually, they caught on to how these books worked and they wouldn't allow us to write book reports on them anymore... and that meant we had to read REAL books. Come to think of it, maybe "Choose Your Own Adventure" books were responsible for me hating all other books when I was a kid.

Well, I am now happy to present my very first "Select Your Destiny" book for all of you to read online! That's right, you get to determine what happens to your character. I hope you enjoy it, and if you're still in school, feel free to use this for book report material. (ha!)


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