Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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It's 10am, and you are sitting in your high school science class. Your teacher, Ms. Farlacus, has just given the entire class a brand new assignment. You are to each dissect a frog. Your lab partner, Suzy Slutcakes, is the most idiotic girl in the entire school. All she does is copy off your work and talk about how she wants to be prom queen, and now she wants you to do the dissecting of the frog because she is "morally opposed to it". Normally, you wouldn't give a damn about cutting open a frog that is already dead. Heck, as a hobby, you cut them open while they're still alive back at home. You've always been quite the sick bastard.

You start thinking about how Suzy will probably have an easy life, marry some idiot NFL football star, and never have a care in the world while you are certain that you will be a janitorial custodian once you graduate.

So when she asks you to do all the dissecting work for this lab project, while she just sits back and reaps the benefits of your hard work, something inside you snaps. You need to take advantage of this situation. 

You decide to: