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Please don't feed PickleMan
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The Underappreciated Art of Firecracker Labels
by: -RoG-


KING OF PIRATES! UNLEASH THE BEAST! Now do you see why I love these things?

I wouldn't leave cookies out for this Santa. I'd bolt the door and sit by the fireplace
with a shotgun to make sure that crazy jolly bastard didn't enter my house.

I don't know what the "Rules of the Game" are, but
apparently they involve robots and lightning bolts.

An indian boy riding a pig. Sounds like a "party" to me!

Another one of my favorites. A pack of wolves with bloody mouths? Why?

See? Even the classic horror flicks and gangster flicks have a home on these labels.

Hot Giraffes? I've never been so turned on in my entire life. And I don't even know how the hell Kong turned the Empire State Building into a rocket that could fly over the Statue of Liberty but goddamn, somebody needs to put that in a movie!

None better than mad rat? I would disagree, but I don't want to make it even angrier.


My friends, these two labels are the very definition of BADASS.

And let's not forget mighty Sheba... Queen of the Scuttlebomb!

More pirates... ya can't go wrong with pirates.

The black bat one is really nice looking, but what's up with the Geo'gia Cracker one?
That's not just some puny firecracker, that hillbilly is gonna get blown to bits!
And they say video games are a bad influence on kids?

Oh my fireworks have a rendezvous alright... a rendezvous in OUTER SPACE.

I'm sure the Thunder of Orion makes wonderful music too....

Can't leave you hanging without showing at least one crazed animal and a ninja.

Superman just might have to attack these sparklers with a super-lawsuit.
(thanks to Chris Wahlberg for submitting this picture)

When a thunder-goddess rides toward you on her golden chariot
with a flaming horse, you can pretty much kiss your ass goodbye.
(thanks to Ash for submitting this picture)

Ok that's all for now. Make sure you email pics of your cool label finds to me and I might add them to this gallery. And remember kids...

Well, at least don't play with 'em until you've saved the artwork from annihilation.


Special thanks go out to jeffsfireworks.com , herbiesfireworks.com ,
and of course ebay for many of these images!

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