Freddy's Nightmares - Sister's Keeper!
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Well, Freddy finally starts to harass Lisa in her dreams. Could this be the point where Lisa starts to believe Merit for a change?


She finds herself chained up while all of her friends from high school are throwing rocks at her and calling her a nutcase. Granted, if a rock that big hit somebody square in the face in an Elm Street dream, they'd be pretty much dead. But I guess these just foam prop rocks, because they bounce off of Lisa pretty easily. Merit then laughs as Freddy slashes her back, "Let him get me, you'll wake up with the evidence!"

Eh, put some Bactine on it and you'll feel fine.

Sure enough, Lisa wakes up with some big bleeding slashes on her shoulder. She runs downstairs and tells her mom about it, but her mom thinks she's Merit! "I'm Lisa, she's Merit! Mom it's me!" Then some guys in white suits drag her off to the loony bin.

Just another day in crazyville...

Poor Lisa, everyone thinks she's crazy Merit, and now she's stuck in a strait-jacket with Freddy stalking her. Uh oh, he's gonna get her! Wait! What's this?


Ha ha ha! It was just a dream! Boy they sure had us fooled eh? Anyway, Lisa wakes up and starts freaking out about how all Merit's talk about Freddy made her dream about him. Lisa also yells about how Merit let them think she was crazy, and proceeds to slap her. And this concludes our slapfest for this particular episode of Freddy's Nightmares. Claiming she doesn't believe in Freddy, Lisa goes downstairs to talk to her mom about how she's been "thinking bad things about Merit" and wishing she was an only child. Her mom responds, "What do you mean, you are Merit!" Wait a minute, are we really awake here? Uh oh, I think they tricked us again... those sneaky writers!

When she tells you to eat your vegetables, you'd better listen!

"You wanna be an only child?" her mom laughs as she begins to plunge kitchen knives deep into her fingers. Soon after, she morphs into Freddy as he chuckles, "Come to momma hahahaha!"

Watch out, that first step's a doozey!

Ok, finally we're really awake now, I swear. Now Lisa finally believes Merit and they decide that the only way they can beat Freddy is to fight him together. As you can see, they're doing a damned fine job, what with letting him toss Lisa down a flight of stairs in her school 'n all.


Later that night they decide to go to sleep at the same time and try to find each other in their dreams so they can battle Freddy. At first it looks like Merit is all alone and Freddy's about to kill her. Then, all of a sudden, Lisa appears behind him and bashes him into a pile of dusty clothes with a lead pipe. Way to go girls! They wake up all happy and celebrate their victory, but the battle isn't over yet.

Time for round 2!

The next night they go to bed once again and they decide to try a new trick: if they both wish Freddy away he should vanish. If they're both in-synch, they'll both see and believe the same thing. Heh, whatever helps you girls sleep at night. In their dream, Freddy captures Merit, and Lisa tells that "bastard" to let her go. Freddy decides he wants double the pleasure, double the fun...

Wouldn't walking over to her be easier than stretching out his arm like that?

In one of my favorite moments of the series, Freddy extends his arm towards Lisa. You can actually see the "invisible" string that is holding up the arm as it moves, but other than that, the drippy arm looks pretty damned cool I must say. Then it's time to start trying out their new trick.


They close their eyes and chant, "You don't exist, you're gone! You don't exist, you're gone! You don't exist, you're gone! There's no place like home!" Ok, I threw that last part in there. Don't act like you didn't believe it though. Anyway, Freddy vanishes and it looks like they've solved their problems right? Wrong.

The world's only uncomfortable La-Z-Boy chair...

Merit wakes up, or so she thinks, and finds Lisa sitting on the couch all depressed about how Freddy will never go away. Freddy's glove then bursts through the couch and pulls her in as he shouts, "Fasten your seatbelts ahahahahahaha!"

Looks like your plan worked out. Way to go!

Don't worry Merit, your sister might be dead, but at least you've still got that guitar playing dork to keep you company. Hmm, come to think of it, that's probably worse than being dead. Damn, Freddy sure is evil!


As always, with the end of every Freddy's Nightmares episode, Freddy has to make one final joke. So he has two co-joined twin dummies set up, and then he slashes his blade right through the plastic (which of course bleeds) to split them in two.

"Twins... now you can tell 'em apart! Hahahahahaha!" Classic Krueger.

So that does it for the "Sister's Keeper" episode of Freddy's Nightmares. I still have high hopes that they'll eventually wise up and release all the episodes on DVD. Until then, we'll just have to make due with the few scattered episodes that were released on VHS. Of course, if you really can't wait, you can always find bootlegged copies online. (update: episodes have also been airing sometimes on the Chiller television station, so keep an eye out for 'em on there if you happen to get that channel.)

By the way, I'd like to thank Esten for sending me a copy of this episode on DVD. For some odd reason, it wasn't one of the episodes they released on VHS tape collections here in the US, but she had a copy of it and was generous enough to send it out to me to review.

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