Godball: Our Newest Game For Adult Swim! Free download for Mac or PC!
by: I-Mockery Games

UPDATE 4/12/16: GODBALL is now available for Mac and PC users! Scroll down for details.

Many of you already know that we announced Barfbarians as Team Bobo's next big independent game project, but what people don't know is that we spent the past year working on another game for Adult Swim. Today, I'm happy to announce that this surprise game is finally ready for all of you to play. And just what is this game called? GODBALL!

I've always been a big fan of pinball, as I'm sure you've noticed from the various articles I've written over the years on the subject, so I always thought it'd be fun to put a new spin on the game. That's where Godball comes in. Godball takes the basic mechanics of pinball and removes them from the confines of a pinball machine, and instead uses the entire world as its playfield. The story is that God got bored one day when his cable went out, so he decided to grow some of his favorite creatures to gargantuan proportions and roll them up into balls. Godballs. Then, with reckless omnipotence, he would fling the balls out into the world and laugh as pure chaos and destruction ensued.

To sum it up: Pinball + Sim City + Rampage = GODBALL.

Godball in action!
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In Godball, you get to play as God, destroying all the towns and cities of the world that you desire. Along the way, you'll unlock monstrous new balls, each with its own special attack ability. You'll also discover new power-ups and have the opportunity to upgrade your balls in a variety of categories including power, speed, stamina, buoyancy, and more. And naturally, you'll get to travel the world and obliterate some of its most beautiful locations. You'll be judged on each stage based on how many buildings you destroyed, how much nature you ruined, and how many innocent civilians you squashed.

While completing nearly all 50 stages (including boss battles) will take up a hefty chunk o' time, the game doesn't end there. You can go back and replay the stages to see if you can beat your best times and scores - not to mention see just how truly devastating your different Godballs can be when they're fully upgraded and you execute a special attack.

Also, we've included a level editor with the game so you can make your own maps! This is the same exact level editor that we used to build all the stages in Godball, so you'll have full access to everything you could possibly want to stick into your own designs. And hey, if nothing else, it'll help you appreciate just how incredibly time consuming it was for us to design all the levels in this game!

I want to thank Adult Swim for sponsoring this project and helping us see it through to completion. They have a great team with some truly wonderful people who were always happy to provide us with valuable feedback during the game's production, just as they did on Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla. Huge thanks to Jacob and Pox, for all the efforts they put into making this game happen with me. Without them, Godball would not exist, as isometric style pixel games are extremely difficult to create. Additional thanks to Re for helping design some of the levels in the game, and for being so patient and supportive over the past year while I worked on this project. And big thanks to John (Dr. Boogie) and Tom Fulp for providing additional feedback and helping test the game for us.

Alright, you've read enough of my blabbing about this big new game of ours... I think it's high time you get to actually play it. Fortunately for you, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just click the link below to download Godball from the official Adult Swim site!

Download Godball for Mac or PC!

(Mac users CLICK HERE to download Godball)

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with all our big game projects, we spent a ton of time developing Godball, and the one thing we always look forward to once a game has been released is hearing what people think about it. So once you've played it, please take a moment and share your thoughts about it in the comments section below. This game represents a YEAR of our lives, so we'd love to hear what you thought about it. Thanks for playing and we hope you enjoy it!

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: While Godball is a completely free game, if you'd like to help out the site so I can pay my hefty server bills, please consider purchasing one of our brand new pixel posters. Each purchase really helps out more than you know, so thanks in advance to all of you who support I-Mockery by purchasing some of our goodies!

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