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The Incredible Hulk and the Toys That Make Him Angry!
by: -RoG-

For some reason, the creators of plush toys seem to have a problem capturing the look of the Incredible Hulk. I'm no artist by any stretch, but it doesn't seem like it would be too hard to make a toy that resembles the angry character from the comic books. Sure, he's changed in the comics a bit over the years, but in general he's always looked like he should: really pissed off.

Well, after I recently re-discovered an old photo of the Incredible Hulk's head that I took, I went searching for the figure online. During my search, I started noticing all sorts of horrible artistic renditions of the Hulk's face in many of the plush toys of him that existed. What's worse, Marvel actually gave their stamp of approval to most of 'em! So here's a gallery of some of the most horrible looking Incredible Hulk toys I came across during my search. It's really amazing how insanely drastic the variations from toy to toy actually are. And you wondered why he's always been so angry...

The "I Just Want A Hug!" Hulk

The "Demented Son The Parents Hide From Society" Hulk

The "Drank Too Much Red Bull" Hulk

The "I Can Look Like Christopher Lloyd Too" Hulk

The "You Can't Make Me Smile" Hulk

The "Jolly Green Giant's Son" Hulk

The "Hangover From Hell" Hulk

The "I Believe In Miracles" Hulk

The "I'm Too Fucking Shiny!" Hulk

The "Who You Lookin' At, Punk?" Hulk

The "My Head Looks Like A Goddamned Toilet Bowl Cleaner" Hulk

The "I Hate My Life" Hulk

The "Sorta Maybe Kinda Not Really Threatening" Hulk

The "Why Did God Create Me?" Hulk

The "Pea-Green Abortion" Hulk

The "How'd I Get This Afro?" Hulk

The "Incredibly Forgettable" Hulk

The "Trouser Sausage" Hulk

This last Hulk plush toy was actually discovered at the Brighton Pier and made national headlines. Why? Because someone decided this line of hulk toys needed penises. Read the story behind it is here. You can also see more photos of this wangtastic Hulk here.

This will be an ongoing gallery, so if you have photos of some Incredible Hulk
plush toys that aren't already featured on this page, please email them to me!


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