The Midsummer Scream 2016 Halloween Festival!
by: -RoG-


Oops. Guess I should've read the ingredients first.

The family that plays together, stays together.

Always good to see the Boot Hill haunters at events like this.

In the future apocalypse, all police will become zombie hunters.

Bone kitty loves its coffin scratching board.

The Zombie Apocalypse Shooting Gallery was a nice, albeit loud addition to the event.

A huge fiberglass spider for $175? He'd make a great pal for "Big Bob" from Arachnophobia.

Sorry, but I only buy animatronic corpses that aren't mostly devoured.

I'm totally putting Toxic Sauce in my card instead of antifreeze.

Anyone care for a big ol' cup of "Fuck You Tonic" today?

The Motel 6 Feet Under folks are very welcoming...
just don't try to steal their beloved balloons.

Love this 3-D Big Trouble in Little China art by Mark Chavez.

And this Christine one was fantastic too. Now I need him to make me one based on Prince of Darkness!

She doesn't seem to trust anyone.

Loved these magnet sculptures by Monster Maker Lab.

Some nice ornaments for the ol' Xmas tree too.

What a sucker. You should've stuck with the free ice cream, pal.

If Groot and Pumpkinhead had a love child.

Great masks from the Best Little Horrorhouse. Particularly love the evil breakfast cereals!

I loved all of these Micro Masks. Now if only they'd make a Halloween III: Season of the Witch set. DO IT!

Wonderfully twisted dinnerware from Miss Havisham's Finishing School.

You're gonna need a bigger roach motel...

...or at least a kid who enjoys performing insect autopsies.

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