I-Mockery Pays A Visit To Monster Mini Golf!
by: -RoG-


Hey, at least you'll glow in the dark forever, Chucky. That's pretty awesome.

Normally when somebody sleeps on a bed of roses, I believe they do so without the thorns.
Also, I'm not sure who "Lethal Merman" is, as I couldn't find any info online. The artist perhaps?

Good to see them paying homage to Night of the Living Dead.

Not sure what this toxic neon beast is supposed to be, but I'm loving it already.

Playing through this hole is a blast, because the beast is guarding his pile o' bones.


Such a happy behemoth.

Not sure what he ate here... perhaps a giant mutant ram?

So many bones in his collection.

Think any of these were customers who didn't pay?

While everything else was working fine, the monster's arm seemed to be busted, as it barely moved up and down.
It was almost like the monster was eating employees because they refused to fix its arm. Can't say I blame it.

Love how these jack-o-lanterns looked in the black light!

I really wish they were selling some of the orange Halloween Twinkies for this hole.
Still, good advice. Always enjoy the little things.

A nice haunted house to play through.

Seriously, this Halloweeny course is a thing of beauty.

Well, you should, because we appear to be in one, Freddy.

Learning is fun with Freddy!

Looks like the three bears can't do a thing about their pordige now, can they. Well played, Goldilocks... well played.

Poor Humpty Dumpty. If only your nurse was using duct tape instead of scotch, maybe you'd have a chance.

Awww... looks like the Angel of Death needs a nap.

Another interesting thing is they have their own "Weird Radio" station / DJ booth built right into the course.
No DJ was present, but I was fine with that since the music they had playing was great anyway.
Last thing I needed was to hear some dubstep while trying to concentrate on the game.

Collect those rewards and you can play all the holes of Monster Mini Golf you want.

I love that they used some skeleton keychains for decorations.

I considered becoming the DJ, but this guy had other ideas. Oh well, their loss.

This hole was the bane of my existence for a little while. I must've been hypnotized into failing miserably at it.

Mummies guarding the fire exit? Guess this company believes that fires aren't dangerous enough.

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