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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Sturdy and ready for pain!
Standard NES Controllers.

If there are any controllers out there that have taken more of a beating, I'd be pretty damned surprised. Nintendo made these little rectangular controllers knowing that they would be physically abused for the duration of their existence. No matter how calm and collected you may be, EVERYONE has thrown a NES controller in a fit of gaming rage at one point or another. Fighting the boss of a game with one life left and no continues and then dying just before you kill him... what else are you gonna take your aggression out on? And I'm no exception, believe me. I remember getting extremely frustrated with a game of Karnov and throwing the controller up against the wall. It left a DENT in the wall! And was the controller ruined? Nope, not a scratch. It worked like new. What more can you ask for from a basic controller?

Nothing. So what the fuck were they thinking when they decided to create these:

Standard NES Controllers - The Next (sucky) Generation.

What was once a glorious, pain-welcoming, indestructible video game controller has now been reduced to a cheap piece of plastic that resembles a dog bone. Dog bone controllers.  A craptastic controller that tempts your pet to chew and slobber all over it. Ingenious.

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