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Please don't feed PickleMan
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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Rob the Robot. He'll kill you in your sleep.
R.O.B. - Robotic Operating Buddy!

Long before Dean Kamen used gyroscopes to create the most idiotic looking method of transportation this planet has ever seen, Nintendo was using them to create and innovative video gaming experiences. R.O.B. the robot had eyes that would detect your commands which were flashed up on the TV screen. He would then pick up a spinning gyroscope and lay it down on whichever platform you chose, and the weight of it would push a button on the controller #2. Without a doubt, it was a unique concept that really helped get Nintendo systems on store shelves at first... but it just didn't fly with the kids.

There weren't many games for R.O.B. as it was, and "Gyromite" (the game R.O.B. came with) was practically impossible to win when using him. Besides, we all enjoyed squashing the Gyromite guy way too much, so there wasn't much motivation to "win" the game anyway. It was pretty fun to make rob pick up the gyroscopes and then spin them on the floor though... that is, until they rolled off the table and the plastic parts shattered into pieces.

If you happen to own R.O.B. and want to try another game that makes use of him, track down a copy of the hard-to-find game "Stack-Up". I've seen it sell for as much as 100 bux, but if you look long enough you can get it for a reasonable price.

The only other thing R.O.B. was useful for besides that, was to be the leader of the almighty Robo Force during huge make-believe battles. He faired pretty well against the other robots, until I squirted him with Blazer's water cannon.

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