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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Whoah! I'm... like... in a video game! Whoah!
Captain N!

Kevin Keene sure was a lucky teenager. He got to live the dream that all of us had at one point or another... to actually be IN the video games, rather than just playing them. He's playing his Nintendo one afternoon, when all of a sudden the TV lights up and sucks him right in. Now he's in another dimension called "Videoland", where he becomes Captain N (armed with a Zapper Gun), accompanied by his stupid dog "Duke".

Gameboy >:(

It was his job to keep the peace in Videoland, while Mother Brain was constantly coming up with new evil plots. Luckily, he had the help of some other familiar video game characters: Megaman ("MEGA-HI!" he put "mega" before almost every word he spoke), Kid Icarus (who puts "icus" after most of his words), Bayou Billy (aka: Crocodile Dundee), and even Simon Belmont. I didn't like Simon's character on the show though, because all he did was care about how good he looked. Definitely not the badass monster slayer from the Castlevania series. But no character was more annoying than Gameboy, who was unveiled in season 2. I mean, fuck, besides the obvious desire to advertise their new handheld product, what the hell was Nintendo thinking here!? It's not like Gameboy was even a character in another video game unlike the rest of the cast, so it didn't make any sense. Everybody I know that watched this show couldn't wait for the day that Gameboy was destroyed. Just look at him, you know he deserves to die. Unfortunately, he never did die, but the show did after only 3 seasons. Stick with The Wizard or The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, there are no Gameboys in 'em.

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