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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Sputnik? Is that you? Where ya been man?
The NES Satellite!

It was a good idea, but the NES Satellite really wasn't very practical. First off, there were only a handful of 4-player games it supported: Gauntlet, A Nightmare On Elm St., and Super Spike V'Ball to name a few. The whole "infrared" thing sounded nice, but just like with many other wireless gadgets, it ate up your batteries quickly. The last thing you wanna do is fight Freddy Krueger only to have your controller die out on you due to low batteries. I don't think he'd wait for you to change them. At least the thing came with turbo fire... then again so did almost every controller accessory at the time.

You tell 'em Abe!
You have chosen... wisely.

A much better decision was the NES Four Score. Sure, it wasn't wireless, but that only meant you wouldn't have to constantly replace batteries for it. Plus, I've heard the wireless stuff often had connection/accuracy problems, which obviously wasn't a problem with the Four Score. Furthermore, it didn't cost as much and still had the turbo feature as well. I guarantee that you and your pals could make Freddy Krueger your bitch with this thing.

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