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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

BOLTS? And here I thought only Thor dealt with bolts...
Nintendo Wallcoverings!

Back when the NES was all the rage, us kids lived and breathed Nintendo 24/7. Who cared about homework when there we had to help a plumber rescue a princess? Nintendo knew that by keeping their games constantly on our mind, they'd have more and more sales. And what better way to keep the games on our mother brains than by having Nintendo wallpaper from 1989? (excuse me, "wallcoverings")

See, back then, we didn't have "extreme home makeover" TV shows where they would come into our rooms and redecorate 'em. It was up to us, and thankfully Nintendo made styling our rooms easy. According to the box, it said "Putting up this paper is a lot easier than rescuing the princess!" For an adult perhaps, but I have a feeling most kids would find putting up wallpaper to be far more stressful than beating Super Mario Bros.

And what good is wallpaper without some nice walltrim? Fret not, Nintendo had that angle covered as well...

MARIO MADNESS... not to be confused with Marble Madness.
Nintendo Walltrim!

Oh yeah, now we're talkin'! Since the stuff was pre-glued, all you had to do was slap it up on the wall. With a variety of design patterns available for purchase, your bedroom wall could quickly become the ultimate testament to your Nintendo obsession. Take a gander:

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