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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Worlds Of Power Books!

Ok, these were pretty awful. They were stories that were loosely based on the actual NES video games. And when I say "loosely" I mean "hanging on by by a thread in gale force winds." It's as if the authors of these books set out to destroy everything that was good and pure about our favorite video games. Just look at this excerpt from the Castlevania II: Simon's Quest book:

CHAPTER SEVEN: "Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun"

Tim Bradley lifted the sword that Simon had given him just after they'd arrived at the inn. He would have preferred a gun. However, Simon Belmont had informed him not only of the fact that there were no guns in Castlevania, but that even if they were imported from another dimension, they wouldn't work here. Gunpowder didn't explode in Castlevania. "Things work on magical principles here, Timothy," Simon had explained. "And also on the moral laws of good and evil. This is why I am very good, and Dracula is very bad."

Did you feel your brain dying with each word you read? I know I did. My brain was hurting so bad after reading that chapter that it wanted to grow arms just so it could rip out my eyes to prevent me from ever reading another "Worlds of Power" book again.

It's quite clear that they weren't talking about the Worlds of Power
books when they made all those celebrity "READ" posters.

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