ScareLA 2015: The Los Angeles Halloween Convention!
by: -RoG-


Don't think I need to ask, judging by that monstrous creation, you seem plenty qualified to me.

Animated monster tongue action is always a nice touch.

More monster masks.

So this was a nice surprise. Old school fans of I-Mockery may recall when I covered a puppet named Grimsdyke that was sent to me. Turns out it was based on this original one which is now the subject of a new book called Zombie Food.

He sure did grow up!

People reaching into holes and rummaging through slime to find a key at the Virtual Screams booth? Excellent!

Sadly, not everyone was able to enjoy all the sights at ScareLA.

As you probably already know from last season, I will forever love paperback horror book covers.

Another attendee in a creepy cool costume.

Somehow I don't think a wheelchair is gonna solve his problems.

This big clown was all, "Come at me bro."

A fun photo op at the All Through The House booth.

More clowny animatronics.

Every one of these animatronics was convulsing in unison and it was quite a hypnotic sight to behold.

Friends forever.

This demonic buffalo didn't notice the no smoking signs.

Even with a severe skin disease, she's still adorable.


Just some bones hangin' around. I totally understand why; standing around on concrete all day is hard on the feet.

I pledge allegiance to this flag!

It's always Halloween inside my head. Truer words may have never been spoken.

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