Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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Sexual Moments in Video Game History

Captain Flaming Homo to the rescue!

Pick just about any wrestling game out there and you'll find a handful of suggestive positions. Which isn't that extraordinary, since real-life wrestling basically is gay sex with a couple of flimsy bathing suits thrown in to keep actual penetration out of the equation. So 95% of the time a gayish move in a game isn't reason to bunch ones panties. When an entire game is about dry-humping your opponent unconscious, we're talking about a horse of a different color. In fact, we're talking about a rainbow-colored wild stallion in a mare-less stable.

Fighting and anal rape. Just another day in the big house.

Now, a lot of the characters in this game look a lot like the M.U.S.C.L.E. characters, but I don't know if this is another Japanese knock-off or a spin-off product gone horribly horribly wrong. I've been told that there's an animated Dirty Challenger series in Japan, but all I know about it is that basically everyone is calling it 'The Cho Aniki show'. And finally, I have no idea what the game is about since it's in Japanese. So, what do I know? Well, this is basically it:

I declare this cock's comb party a success!
There are men in costumes.

Generic Japanese floating heads
Floating heads appear.

O nos! The babies are burning! What to do?
The babies are about to burn to death.

Gay sex is the solution!
Homosex ensues.

You may be wondering just how gay this game is. Well, don't take my word for it, let me illustrate with these animated sprites:

Tickle, tickle.
You buying it? No, ok...

Oh yeah.
Clearer now? No? I got more...

Say my name!
Now we're talking. But wait, there's also...

Oral rape!

Yee haw!
And reverse cowboy!

Ok, that one isn't even possible.
And anal fisting! Enough? Oh come on, one more...

I can't believe I-Mock beat Something Awful to this one.
Gay furries! Which is a Nintendo first, unless I'm mistaken.

I've never figured out how to perform these attacks, so that's me being given it in all the screenshots above. For all I know, this game could be about being everybody else's bitch. Well, I'm sure there are ways to win a fight, but I'm not staying to find out.