Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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Sexual Moments in Video Game History

The longest word ever to appear in graffiti.

If youíve seen one game about rival gang members vying for control of a city, youíve seen Ďem all. Back in the 90s, gangs used to fight all the time, but rather than direct confrontation, one gang would kidnap a beloved member of their rival gang, and thus challenge their rivals to a city-wide brawl, sans guns (except for one guy, and that guy would be a really lousy shot). Unfortunately for players in the US, members of the international community were privy to a unique view of Dead End Cityís extremely friendly locals:

Leave Hulk Hogan alone! Work it!

These gentlemen presented a new reason why you should be extra careful not to let yourself be surrounded during a fight. Their attack, while not particularly deadly, is nevertheless one of the most frightening attacks in the game. The effect is diminished, however, when in a fit of frottage, the leather-clad gang members will run over to a light pole and hump it until the bulbs fall out and smash their heads in. Fearsome.

I'm exhausted. I've been working like a dog. :)

And whatís this? Why, itís one of the vicious Dobermans found throughout the game. This one looks a bit tired, though. Iím not one to be fooled, though. I know that itís just faking it, waiting for me to make a mistake so that it can rip my throat out. Well not today, mutt.

A deadlier grapple I have yet to see.

Hey, what the hell? Augh! Get him off me! GET HIM OFF ME!!!

I'll crush you with my Iron Arse move!