Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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Sexual Moments in Video Game History

AGGAGHALGHAG!A party where the roof literally is raised!GAGLHABWAB!

Before its US release, Monster Party was toned down a bit. Since the original version for unknown reasons never was released in Japan, all we can know about it is what we can learn from a couple of images swimming around on the net. Which means all we can know is that the piranha plant boss was slightly more realistically drawn, that he had a Marshall amp, and that the title screen looked like it had been manufactured by the nightmare factory. A couple of the elements that collided with Nintendo's guidelines were for some reason left in, like the bloody screens preceding each level and the spooky change in the first level's graphics once you pass the halfway mark.

The veil has been dropped! It was Hell all along!

The plot in this game is as follows: a kid called Mark is walking home in the middle of the night after baseball practice when a monster called Bert comes to tell him there is trouble in Monster World and that he needs his help to defeat various leviathans and demons.

Mark may be overqualified

Apparently getting a job at McDonalds requires a higher level of competence than being the messiah of Monster World. Next, Mark and Bert fly off to his dimension. The intro runs along thus:

Bert: Mark, my planet is dangerous. So we must act together.

Mark: How?

Bert: Like this!

Then they fused together.

At this point, Bert puts himself on top of Mark and fuses with him. This is an important gameplay element: if you eat pills you'll find along your way that a monster will come and 'fuse' with you. OMG! HAWT MONSTER-ON-CHILD AKSHUN!

Enough beating around the bush, let's cut to what qualified Monster Party for this project: the beating around the ass.


One of the first enemies you encounter in Monster World is a naked ass sticking out of the ground. It doesn't really attack you in anyway, it's just an ass growing straight out of the ground. I don't really know what to make of it, but then again this game is from Japan. For all I know, there's a part of Asian mythology I haven't read about that concerns magical asses ready for the picking. To me, all it is is the first case ever of sado-masochism in a Nintendo game.