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Gi-Joe vs. SATAN!
by: -RoG-

Many of you were probably huge Gi-Joe fans when you were younger. If you weren't, well... quite frankly, YOU SUCK.

Anyway, one of the most famous characters from the Gi-Joe series was STORM SHADOW, the white cobra ninja. You knew the guy had balls from the get go. I mean think about it... Ninja's are all about "stealth" and this guy goes around in a bright white outfit!? You just KNEW he had to be able to kick major ass if he didn't have to go around being a "stealthy ninja".

And kick ass Storm Shadow did. I think just about every single member of Cobra got his/her ass kicked by the Gi-Joe's on a regular basis. The only one that was able to hand a severe beating to the Joe's was, yep you guessed it... STORM SHADOW!


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And of course Storm Shadow had a good assortment of weapons:

Obviously, he was not a guy you wanted to fuck with.

Allow me to quote Gi-Joe's karate man, Quick Kick, after Storm Shadow broke his leg for the second time in one day:

"This just isn't my day" - Quick Kick. (Episode: "Excalibur")

See he knew Storm Shadow was "the man" and so did you I'm sure. But did you know that in Argentina Storm Shadow wasn't called "Storm Shadow"? Get this, in Argentina the Storm Shadow character was called "SATAN"!!!

You think I'm joking eh? Well here's the proof, buddy boy:

Right under "Red Cobra" it says his codename (nombre clave) is SATAN!
Click on the above picture to enlarge it and see for yourself!

Don't worry there's more. We've got Satan's Info Card!

The info card translates:

"Expert in archery, this Cobra enemy is used by his commandos for those operations where precision and supernatural cold blood are needed. The arrow in his hands transforms into a laser ray due to its range and devastating effect of his shots. Very few saw him, and even less were lucky enough to be able to describe him."

Storm Shadow Figure Satan Figure
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SATAN was made from the EXACT same cast that Storm Shadow (1984) came from. He was a perfect replica of Storm Shadow, but there was one other big difference between STORM SHADOW and SATAN. Yes they had different colored outfits and different names... but did you know that they had different colored backpacks!?!?

Storm Shadow's backpack satan's pack

Yes it's true folks. SATAN preferred a brown backpack as opposed to the traditional black backpack that was worn by Storm Shadow. Why is this? Does the brown backpack offer better camouflage? Is it a gateway into the 5th ring of hell? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions may never be answered for us. Damn you Satan, Damn you!

Can you imagine if we only knew about this figure when we were kids!? Think about going up to mom and dad and telling them, "For Christmas this year, I want Satan!" They'd have you in therapy in a heartbeat!

I wonder if Mommy and Daddy got me SATAN for Christmas!

So there you have it. The proof that Gi-Joe had an enemy that was probably even more scary than Storm Shadow himself! Gi-Joe's worst enemy was none other than SATAN HIMSELF!

So remember Storm Shadow's wise words:

"Do not ever cross me! not only do I possess the great skills
of a master ninja, but I also posses the powers of SATAN!"


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