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I-Mockery's Las Vegas Trip Photo Gallery!
by: -RoG-

In early December, Re and I went to Las Vegas with a bunch of friends for the first time. We rented a van and drove from L.A. to Vegas, making surprisingly good time and joking about how we were gonna pull up to all of the hottest clubs in our soccer mom van and act like big shots. "Screw your stretched hummers, clunky vans are where it's at!" After stopping too many times at rest stops so each of the girls in the van could empty their presumably microscopic bladders, we arrived at our destination. Last Vegas. The city of sin. City of lights. Glitter gulch. The entertainment capital of the world.

Well, because it's just a popular slogan and I'm such a rebel, I'm going to break the cardinal rule of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and share with you a bunch o' photos from our trip. What happens in Vegas, stays on the internet.

A blurry photo of our van arriving in Vegas. Then again, I imagine anybody who's
ever been to Vegas before is probably used to seeing things far blurrier than this.

Upon entering the Luxor pyramid hotel, we saw promotions for...
and Rodney Carrington. Styx AND Rodney? Are you kidding me!? Wow!
This really *IS* the entertainment capital of the world! Where do I sign up?

In case you were wondering; yes, they do celebrate Christmas in Egypt.

Our pal Olli won big on the quarter slots almost instantly.
Unfortunately, he ate the cashout ticket moments later.

Re, however, wasn't so lucky. Awww, breaks your heart, don't it?

Oooooooo... purple limo ceiling lights!


Hard Rockin' geetars including one that could eat your face off!

Say Elvis, how 'bout ya spread the wealth?

The Twilight Zone looked straight into my wallet, cackled and then said,
"Hey... you wanna see something really scary?" Damnit.

Yep, that's me... not winning... again.

Come on Munsters! I watched your show all the time when I was a kid,
it's time to pay me back for all those years of tireless support!


After a few drinks, Olli couldn't tell the difference between a guitar and a table.
We just smiled, "Rock on Olli! Keep pickin' at those strings!"

Re looking down on everybody from our hotel room ledge, probably wondering
whether or not her spit could kill a person below from such a long descent.

Another great view from the ledge outside our room. Notice the "inclinator" in the back corner there which goes up diagonally instead of vertically like a normal elevator.

A rare glimpse of daylight. Something you won't see much of when staying in Vegas.
Our hotel room was almost directly behind the big Luxor sphinx,
so we had a great view of its giant sphinctacular ass.

Gotta love the big cabinet with the hieroglyphics on it, keeping with the hotel theme.
It was admittedly hard to pull myself away from watching the crazy Mexican wrestling show on TV because the guy had soot all over his face and the numbers "666" written onto his forehead. I hear that's been known to happen if you lose enough on the slots.

Viking woman getting an espresso at Starbucks. Yep, just another day in Vegas...

Adam tries his luck at the massive Wheel of Fortune slot machine.


There's still plenty more to see!

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