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Wacko-Saurs Sticker Cards!
by: -RoG-

Starting back in the 70's, trading cards went through a renaissance of sorts. Sure, the quality of the printing on the cards improved greatly, but what I'm speaking about is the explosion of non-sports trading card sets. Yes, collecting the cards of your favorite baseball heroes was always fun, but what kid wouldn't want to collect an entire set of original Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids or Dinosaurs Attack cards? No kid I'd want to know, I can tell you that much for sure. From Ghostbusters to Star Wars, from Alf to Magnum P.I., from the Incredible Hulk to Dick Tracy... if there was something from the entertainment industry that interested you, chances are a trading card set existed for it. Yes indeed, they were good times.

While there were a lot of great non-sports trading card sets, there were also some that were really bad. I mean really bad. But bad in the "so bad it's astoundingly good" kind of way. Today I'm here to pay tribute to what I consider to be the ULTIMATE of all the stupid non-sports trading cards sets: Wacko-Saurs by Zoot! Believe it or not, someone had the idea to basically rip-off the Garbage Pail Kids, and replace them with dinosaurs in all sorts of WACKY situations. In many cases, "wacky" meant giving the dinosaurs a pair of shades to wear and a funky hairdo. On top of that they shared some "pre-hysterical humor" on the backs of many cards featuring some of the worst dinosaur jokes you've EVER heard.

Wacko-Saurs 1st Series!The entire Wacko-Saurs series is like one horribly bad joke presented in an awful Photoshopped format, and as a result, I couldn't possibly love it more than already I do. It's the epitome of awesomely bad. With all this in mind, I have just finishing scanning in all 48 of the 1st series sticker cards (both 'a' and 'b' versions) and am extremely happy to finally unleash them onto the web for all to enjoy. Just click on any of the card thumbnails below to see the larger, more detailed versions of each card.

I've also taken the time to scan in the backs of all the cards from my set so you can experience all of the "pre-hysterical humor" for yourself. Commit these jokes to memory and you'll have an arsenal of hilarity capable to bringing an entire crowd to its knees in tears of laughter.

Last but not least, one of the other features on the backs of some Wacko-Saurs cards was the "Design-A-Dino" puzzle pieces. You would simply match up one of 4 pieces and then rearrange them to create wacky new prehistoric scenes! Eat your heart out, Flintstones!

And there you have it my friends. I hope you can appreciate the purified absurdity that is the Wacko-Saurs sticker cards set. They'll always hold a special place in my heart, if not for the horribly bad jokes and the ridiculous dinosaur pictures, it's gotta be because they actually thought they'd sell well enough to warrant the creation of another set in the future. Why else would these cards been called the Wacko-Saurs 1st series? But hey, maybe we make that 2nd series happen with some E-Cards (er, I-Cards) of our own! This calls for action! That's right it's...........

Contest Time! Design your own Wacko-Saurs cards1

I'm holding a contest on our forums in which you must design your own Wacko-Saurs cards. All you need to do is find a picture of a dinosaur somewhere on the web, Photoshop (or MS Paint) some wacky things onto it and then give it a wacky name just like you'd see on a real Wacko-Saurs card! After that, you need to register an account on these forums (if you don't already have one) and post your card design(s) in this thread. Once the contest is over, myself and the other staff members will vote on the entries! First place winner will receive a brand new FULL BOX of Wacko-Saurs cards! Second and Third place winners will each receive a new pack of Wacko-Saurs cards. Entries will be judged on humor. Whether you win or not, your entries will be put on display for everybody to enjoy, so by all means, please enter as many wacky cards as you like, you wackos! Good luck and may the wackiest people win!


(contest ends 3/10/07)

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